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Mullet's Dad's Stories!

"Guy Too Stubborn to Die!"
"I was at work and I had a sharp pain in my chest and it wouldn't go I chugged a 2 liter and it still didn't go away. So my boss told me he was calling an ambulance. I said "Fuck that!, i'll drive myself to the hospital". So I drove myself and I found out that i had a minor heart attack. So the doctor told me that he would call my wife. I told the doctor "FUCK YOU, i'll call her." So after the doctor left, I escaped my room and called my wife on a payphone and now whenever my doctor sees me, he says "This is the guy that's too stubborn to die."

"The Restaurant"
"I remember one time...I was eating in a restaurant and there was a lady in the back working and she fell over and her whole fucking arm fell in the boiler. She pulled that shit out and all of her skin was hanging from her arm, IT WAS FUCKING NASTY!"

"Blizzard of '79"
"One time...back during the blizzard of '79, my work called me and told me that they were having abunch of problems. So I went outside and started digging out my car. I spent 6 fucking hours digging out my car and called my work back and asked if they still important for me to come in of if it is bullshit and they said it was important. I walked outside and I saw my motorcycle in my backyard. Man, i was praying that it had some juice left in the battery, so I tried starting it up and luckily it started. But the roads weren't clear yet and all the cars were parked in the snow bank so i fucking took my motorcycle and jumped 36 cars and rode it all the way to Brooklyn."