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Chapter One

She just sat in shock. What in the world just happened? Should she believe it? Should she dismiss it? Man, oh man. Her friends would get a kick out of this. Then they would kindly kick her out of their lives for her absurdity. She thought back…she was only doing her most favorite thing in the whole world…reading. It took her away from the pressures of growing up fast and having to take care of Daddy when he wasn’t feeling well. It wasn’t often that he was sick, but she worried about him and had vowed never to leave his side should he feel ill. She was reading about a novel about distant stars and then the doorbell sounded. She reluctantly put down her novel and went to the door. When she opened it, she was greeted by a short, thin man with a derby and cane. He was clutching a piece of paper in his left hand.

“May I help you, sir?” she had asked.

“Why yes, my dear lady. Are you Ms. Bailey? Ah, let’s see….” He had glanced down at his paper and nodded. “Ms. Lillie Bailey?”

“Yes sir, that is me. Um, am I in some sort of trouble?” She asked nervously.

The man chuckled. “No, my dear. You are a quite lucky lady indeed. Are you familiar with a man by the name of Michael Palin?”

Was she! Lillie loved and admired his work, especially with Monty Python. She had pictures of him in a small notebook she kept by her bedside and spent hours looking at them. It was a silly thing to do at her age. Twenty-two year olds should be off doing twenty-two year old things, not gazing off into space like a little girl.

“W-w-why yes sir. I am.” She refused to let that one thought that he was somewhere close by come through her brain. Of course, he wasn’t around. He was off giving tours of the world…he wouldn’t come to this small town…in the USA no doubt.

“Well, my dear, he has expressed desire to meet you. Your father and Mr. Palin are close friends and your father wanted to you to take a break so he arranged a meeting. He hardly had to convince Mr. Palin however…he was eager to meet you indeed.” The man smiled knowingly.

“Oh my…” was all she could sputter out.

“Alright, dear. Mr. Palin will pick you up tomorrow at 5:00pm and he is yours until 5:00pm the next day. I hope you enjoy your day, love. Evening, ma’am.” The man made his way down the stairs and left. Lillie was stunned. After she recovered she ran upstairs to her father’s room and she could tell by the grin on his face that it was true.

“Thank you, thank you Daddy!” she screamed and then ran into his open arms and gave him a big hug. “Ill never forget this, Dad!”

He laughed. “Well I hope that you two have a nice time and tell Mike to give me a ring next time he gets a chance.” He watched her smile and walk off dreamily into her room, probably to write this down in her diary. He was glad that he was able to bring back that little girl giddiness that he had missed over the past few years.

Chpater Two