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Whoop - de - do. Good for you. You found my secret page!
No Really! I'm really proud of you! And I'm happy for you, because you now get to read all this wonderfulness that I will continue to throw around here.

NOTE: I suppose this was pretty well hidden, huh? Well, I'm gonna make it worth your while. Here's a song.

1. Times New Roman has got to be my least favorite font. I had to write papers in college using it and what a drag! That was quite a sentence there, huh, I just am mainly trying. TO make as many grammatical errors as is possible for me to make possible. Because it's lotso fun! STICK IT TO THE MAN! l.augh o.ut l.oud.....

2. This one's worth a ton of money.  UH OH. SOMEBODY JUST CAME IN HERE AND TURNED ON CAPS LOCK. NOW I DON'T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT WHAT I'M WRITING!! WHICH IS GREAT! BECAUSE THE STUFF THAT I'M WRITING IS SO INCREDIBLY MIND-INVOLVING. ok. now i'm back to normal. i really hate it when nobody uses proper punctuation or spelling it drive me nute.s . but i'm STICKING IT TO THE MAN! the INTERNET man! The MAN MAN! MAN, MAN, that was really ...whoa! MAN! man! MAN!man! wo-man! WHOA MAN! WOMan! what a great day it has been! Has beeeeen! BEEEEEEEEEEEEN! Just say it all phonetically. It's rather amusing. But you have to say it loud! With feeling! WITH INFLECTIONS! PROJECT PROPERLY! BE overdramatic. It helps when you exaggerate your movements. !!!!!!!!!
the !'s are coming after you.
3. If I could save time in a bottle, my bottle would never be full because I'd always sneak a sip here and there because it tastes so good.

HERE'S THAT BIRTHDAY SONG WITH ALL THE MELLOTRON. This might disappear eventually. So get it while you can!

seven ounces of sunshine and four degrees of separation think you're going to be the one who makes the people dance and sing with he bells that ring and flash some bling? No. You are stuck in plus-minus (=-) land where nothing gives and nothing takes but everything gains from both sides being adaptable to change. I can't stand to see a man take a stick and poke the ground to test its firmness. He's only feeling the relative firmness of the stick ,which will likely break. SO it's not by pressure, but by relative resistance. I think I may soon require some assistance. I don't know.

What's going on.