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Thistles and Missiles

Right here are some pictures of me. I have a hangnail in that one, so excuse the wry look. No, just kidding.

RECENT: 2 February 2006

Of course that background is not real. I don't have pitch black anywhere around. I live in the city, people!

Me and the Casino

I would have put this on my equipment page, but that is not my guitar. It's my friend Chris's and it's the dog's pants. Plus I looked very 60's playing it!

Am I Wry? No

I have no idea why I looked so peeved in this picture. I was really OK! Really! My eyes looked really blue for some reason. I also can't seem to work out why the quality was so bad. It did look worse than this, but...Photoshop to the rescue! Have no fear!....nevermind. Back to homepage.