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Useless Information — Profile

Name:  MooT BooXLe
Location:  Naples, FL
Birthday:  13 July, 1983
Bio:  I'm MooT BooXLe, musical artist. My real name is Matt Baxley. MooT BooXLe is an obvious play on my real name. I spend the majority of my *free* time creating music of various types. Some of these include: sitting and singing (and writing!) at the piano (or guitar), creating sonic landscapes with my many vintage and analog instruments, playing piano at the Coffee Beanery, playing keyboards or drums at my church, restoring old audio, making soundtracks, and mostly, recording the songs that I write and putting them onto finished records for the whole world to hear. I'm 22 years old, a graduate of Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH, and I have a day job as a Building Automation Tech for Collier County.
Interests:  Right now, as of late September 2005 (not 1963), I am completely consumed with the building and using of my Modular Synthesizer. That's pretty much my main thing right now. I don't even feel like listing anything else. Maybe when this absolute obsession with modular synthesizers settles down a little I'll add to this.
Blog Created:  Sunday, 25 September 2005
Last Updated:  Monday, 17 April 2006 - 11:28 PM EDT
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