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Thursday, 12 January 2006
Boz Scaggs' new hit single: Alito Shuffle?
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: the confirmation hearings of Judge Jimmy Alito
Topic: Musing
I've actually been quite interested in this Sam Alito thing. I actually like the guy.
OK, enough of that type stuff.

I've been making lots of Mellotron music lately. I have found that I'm using all of the sounds that I've always wanted to have in my music, but didn't want to use cheezy samples. The Mellotron is so much more of a credible, living, breathing instrument that sounds quite organic. So there are flutes, cellos, violins, clarinets, horns, and bassoons in my music now. Just like there always should have been. Maybe. I'm trying not to get too lush and washy sounding. But I do have to indulge my King Crimson / Brian Wilson leanings for a while. It's irresistable. And in my opinion, the 'Tron versions of these sounds work as well or better in my music as the real things would. Which is great, because I can't afford the real things. There is definite merit to the fact that the Moody Blues used a real orchestra initially and then dropped it and just used Mellotron sounds. The Mellotron IS the Moody Blues. But those sounds are so ingrained in the minds and hearts of so many people that it's impossible to hear them and not think of the many famous songs in which they played a key part. Especially that flute. Man, I love that flute. Which, of course, becomes those flutes when you play chords. Obviously. I'm still very much infatuated with the Mellotron, used in any context. I love it.


Posted by MooT BooXLe at 12:36 PM EST
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Wednesday, 18 January 2006 - 7:30 PM EST

Name: Your Friend Foot Foot
Home Page: http://Page 43

Real strings on the Moody's first record. Do you think the people at Decca listened to those awful sounding 'tron loops and just said that there was no f***ing way they were going to release a first album that was (was not) all about an acid trip with these grainy tape samples? I'm guessing it was a gamble on both ends and possibly the Moody's had to put some dollars upfront to pay for the orchestra. Decca than probably knew that they had something special on their hands. Especially since they passed on you-know-who in 1961, and they damn sure weren't going to do it again.
Days of Future Passed sold like crazy go nuts and only after then did Decca allow The Moody's to have all artisic freedom to do whatever they pleased, Dr. Livingston.

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