June 2004
June 2004

My new roommate Lisa in our front yard with Yukon the German shepherd, Aspen the yellow lab, and Cree the swainson's hawk.

View of our frontyard from the front door of the house.

An extremely incomplete view of our back patio, plus Zeke.

Miss Emily Merrick, who graced us with her presence at the "First Annual M. Molly Backes Memorial BBQ."

Kevin in Milwaukee, because I wanted to play by the boats.

The pretty, pretty Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, where I happily spent an entire afternoon dangling my feet in the water.

Me, happy.

Kevin across the isthmus at the other Madison terrace, the Monona Terrace.

Sally, Roger, me, & Kevin, just after Kevin kicked my dad's ass at pool.

Cam, wearing a shirt Ali made, demonstrating his true nature. Adam took this picture, but it seems fitting to include it here, as I spent nearly half my trip under the spell of ELF POWER.

Adam, enjoying his last day of being 23.