He is the Sharp Quiet

or last night when I
walked down to here to
(but then Russ offered me a ride)
see you, pretending
--for your sake or mine?--
I was merely procrastinating
though it was so much more.
thanks to you I got work done
last night and this, three
hours without pause, both nights.
both nights looking for you,
looking to get away from you.
suggested I might never find
you tonight and I 
I laughed.  I can always find you
because you're always 
in the same place.
tonight you're not in the here to
which I traveled for you.
my sole is cramped and aching
as though I had danced all night
without notice, and I could
not walk long under the golden
autumn arches of berries and leaves
today not with you, but thinking
of tonight, how (I might) tonight
be with you the truth.
tonight I walked toward the moon
and saw how it would
be -- it, all of it -- and
I am glad I have not lost you.

29 September 1999