Orchestra Room, 5th Hour

Composition class in discussion
Computer orchestra vs. wood& strings 
held in warm hands.
88 factorial 88x87x86x85...
Yo Yo Ma watches quiet
No comment
Math discussion between the guitarist, trombonist, and pianist
Permutations.  Or combinations.
Infinity? No, it's finite, but...
Maybe you should lengthen the cello part.
Stretch it, draw it out.
Pull it slowly lower, warmer.
We could discuss cloning.
Cloning of sheep?
Yes, but never of cellists.
Watch yourself grow old.
I'm not as successful or happy
as my clone.Why not?
Such deep discussion from
students... 17, 18 year olds.
Will they stop caring soon?
As did their brothers?  Sister?
"Yes, we're both having a hard time right now"
She said the pain was real
She said she couldn't stop
the path of the knife over her smooth thin flesh
And she, too, is a musician
Why?  Where does the music
come from?
Where does it go?
Does it slowly run out with
the dark blood?
If the composers cut themselves,
would they lose their
But there is music in blood.
Sweet music.
Wistful music.
Music of loss and love.
Cello music that haunts.
My all black Hamlet of a composer.  
He, too, cuts
He draws the music from his wrist.
Do they hear the music of the sighing stars
or of the bitter dawn?
Where do we go?
Do we feed the cosmic music
or change the key?
Where do we come from?
Where do we go?  
Where does it go?

24 February 1997