The Collected Works

On the following pages, you will find samples of my work that span the course of my career, from some of my earliest work to some of my most recent.

I have chosen to make this all available not because I think it's all the best writing in the whole world, or even the best writing I've ever done, but because it reflects the process of writing through which I have been growing as a writer for over ten years.

Because I am, more than anything else, a journal writer, I believe in the process of writing more than I do in the final product. Through 31 journals I have charted my travels through oft-traveled but always scary waters. This process has taught me about myself
-- as a writer and as a human being --
and about the ways in which I relate to the wide world around me. I have discovered patterns, themes, and constants in my life. They have reassured me that I am, indeed, the same person from breath to breath, morning to morning, and year to year. They have anchored me to myself and to my own life.

It is for these reasons that I share writing from the last ten years.

I believe that there is an answer somewhere in the process; an answer, perhaps, hidden in negative space, but alive nonetheless.

Or, if not an answer, then at least an interesting trip. Enjoy.

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