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What do ya wanna know ??

BASIC ONE, one of the best rap groupz straight from Aruba.
Started out in tha 90's.
Made the climb up easier, for other rappers and groups that came after.
Cut tha sh*t, they are famouze all ovah in the A,B,C islands and Holland.
They rock tha b*tches in concertz like *ooh sh!t where are my panty'z*.
Songs like "Suave", Ladies night", "Buraco di fluit" and "Mucha masbango",
"Dos shimarucu" are just some of tha manny, manny hits that they have..
but stay tuned because there's more to come ..

Basic One:

Name: Janiro E.
Alias: Pa-tin pret a.k.a Faze One
Born: Aruba
Crib/ location: Utrecht

Name: Kurt L.
Alias: DJ Kindamage
Born: Aruba
Crib/ location: Aruba

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