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Astrology & Readings

Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes) Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Matrix
Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Zone Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Horoscopes
Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Online Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology World
Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Central Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology Starlight
Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrological I.Q. Quiz Moon-01.gif (24728 bytes)Astrology, Tarot
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YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Witch Net YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Salem's Witch Trials
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Best Witches YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Salem Witch Museum
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Church & School Of Wicca YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)The Practical Pagan
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Doug's Wicca Page YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Silver Moon YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)The Witches Voice
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)The Craft YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)The Witches Web
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)The Practical YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Witch Haven
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Covenant Of The Goddess YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Occult Symbols
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Abraxion Books & Courses YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Astral Travel
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Witches Gateway YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Circle Of The Rain Dance
YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)Open Sesame YingYang-04.gif (31490 bytes)

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vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)A Druids Life vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)Earth Mysteries
vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)Celtic Heroes vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)Realm Of The Druid Princess
vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)Druids Grove vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)The Druid Grove
vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)Druids vbm007.jpg (17489 bytes)

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Gods & Goddesses

Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Deity Of The Week Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Celtic Mythology
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Gods, Goddesses, & Heroes Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Greek Mythology
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Bulfinch's Mythology Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Egyptian Religion
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Norse Mythology Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)The Story Of Gods
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Egyptian Gods Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Egyptian Philosophy
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Greek Mythology Link Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Ancient Egyptian Gods
Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)Ancient Greece Earth-06.gif (26112 bytes)

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Zeus & Hermes

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Planetary Symbols

venus.gif (18882 bytes)Planetary Symbols venus.gif (18882 bytes)
venus.gif (18882 bytes)Planetary Rulers venus.gif (18882 bytes)
venus.gif (18882 bytes)Planetary Runes venus.gif (18882 bytes)
venus.gif (18882 bytes) venus.gif (18882 bytes)

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Bodies of Light

All people have light around their bodies! Your aura sustains your physical energy and consciousness. Why do we have auras? We radiate subtle light because we are spiritual beings. As your mind becomes mystically transformed and your spiritual sight awakens, you begin to see light around and within people. Particularly, you observe light glowing from the heads of people. This beautiful radiance is called the human aura. When you begin to see auras, you can know for certain your mystic sight is developing. Your spiritual eye is opening. Mystics, too, see light around the heads  and entire bodies of people, but they are careful whom they tell about it. This electromagnetic field is called the aura.

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Ghosts & Shadows

t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)Ghost Web t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)Shadow Lands Ghosts
t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)The Ghost Page t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)The Abyss
t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)Ghost Watcher t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)Ghost Studies
t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)O'neills Ghost Stories t-tombstone1.gif (324 bytes)

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Messenger Of The Gods

Winged feet so swift, yet graceful. Poetic and balanced intellectually. Charismatic and childlike demeanor. Challenging immortality until the sands fill the glasses bottom. Never wasting mortal time to deliver the unkown. The need for amusement brings on the two snakes entangled  within each others gaze. Laughter of the jester. Playful like a child. Seriousness yet never trying to judge. Only the mortal world as a whole. Still never forgetting the one task sent to do. His immortality for eternity. Delivery of the messages of the gods immortal words.                 By JoeJ 5/30/01

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Knowledge is curiosity of the unknown.

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Ignorance doesn't justify existance.

Beauty, one of lifes powers bestowed.

Unattractiveness is misfortune.

Faith, the strength within.

Disbelief, a weekness of the soul.
Caring, the best side of our spirits. Uncaring, the dark side of humanity.
Trust something earned not owed. Distrust, something learned from others.
Love, what makes us whole. Hate, what devours us all, in time.

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I hope you enjoy my mixture of the many pagan things I have collected. I did not create any of the pictures displayed here, but I wish I had, because they are wonderful. I give full credit to their creators. However, I did write the poetry on here. Enjoy the links to the many different sights and feel free to email me your comments. If you enjoyed my sight, please pass it on to others, so they may enjoy it as well. Love and Light to you all.

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