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My Dolphin Web Page

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Please Help to Save the Beauty Of Dolphins And All The Other Animals

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First off I would like to say that I love my daughter deeply. I dedicate this web page to her because she loves dolphins as much as me. I love the ocean and everything in it. I love to surf, dive, and fish. On the land I like to play softball for the most part. Oh I forgot, there is this little computer addiction I forgot to mention. If you want to know more about me drop me an e-mail at

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  The morning sun blasts its way through the crystal blue stillness. Only pipes rolling hypnotically on their end towards the white sandy beaches. Innocence plays in the tides. Syncronicity in the pipes rhythm, and leaping at its end. Virgin appetites for play, never tasting evil. The gods created beauty to its perfection. Never wasting a single moment of spirit.

                                                                  By Joe Jenners 1996

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My Dolphins

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Dolphin #1 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin #22 Coming real soon
Dolphin #2 Spinner Dolphin #23 Coming real soon
Dolphin #3 Common Dolphin #24 Coming real soon
Dolphin #4 Pacific Whitesided Dolphin #25 Coming real soon
Dolphin #5 Dolphin Smile    
Dolphin #6 Dolphin & Diver    
Dolphin #7 Leaping    
Dolphin #8 Art I    
Dolphin #9 Art II    
Dolphin #10 Art III    
Dolphin #11 Art IV    
Dolphin #12 Art V    
Dolphin #13 Art VI    
Dolphin #14 Art VII    
Dolphin #15 Art VIII    
Dolphin #16 Art IX    
Dolphin #17 Art X    
Dolphin #18 Coming real soon    
Dolphin #19 Coming real soon    
Dolphin #20 Coming real soon    
Dolphin #21 Coming real soon    
My Other Sites

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Other Places

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Let me know if you find any errors please. I would like to know so that I can fix them.

I did not create any of these animations. Just picked them up from friends and other places.

I do not claim the right to them. I did however write the poem above and I do claim the rights to it.

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Adoption Certificate
Spinner was adopted by Joe on 9/27/99 at Dolphins World on the Web Adoption Agency
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