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Glen Burnie Class Logo GBHS Class of 1967

Glen Burnie Senior High School


Glen Burnie, Maryland

Band High School Band
35 Year Class Reunion

Our 35-year Class Reunion Main Event was held at

Snyder's Restaraunt

Over the next few weeks until this web page subscription expires we will try to post pictures from this last reunion.

GB Reunion Dinner

35-year Class Reunion Main Event

The decision was unanimous for informal dress and we decided on a "Patriotic" theme. It wasn't difficult for us to decide that the only suitable colors for decoration should be Red, White and Blue.

Reunion Dinner GB Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner Reunion Dinner

Coach McLin and Jay Rhodes

Coach Bruce McLin and Jay Rhodes

Dinner Penny and Diann

                 Diann and Penny

Chuck with DJ

Chuck with DJ

Reunion Dinner Gary Teeter Reunion Dinner

Carolyn Murray and Gary A.Teeter

Reunion Dinner

We enjoyed DJ Dance Music with Celebration DJ Services
and plenty of prizes

Musical note

The next day we experienced a delightful Second Day Brunch Cruise

With Baltimore’s Harbor Cruises aboard the Bay Lady on Sunday, September 22, 2002.The weather was absolutely beautiful.

Bay Lady and Lady Baltimore docked

A view of the Bay Lady and Lady Baltimore
Docked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

GB Cruise Barb and her sister             Brunch Cruise

Barbara (Bock) Adams and her sister

Cruise Classmates on Dock

GB Cruise

Hey, Great job! Pat, Diane, Chuck, Gary and Linda

Chuck at the Dock Reunion Cruise     Reunion Cruise

Val and Pat

Val and his wife Pat

GB Cruise

      GBHS Brunch Cruise

GB Cruise GB Cruise

GB Cruise Brunch

          GBHS Brunch Cruise

Margaret Burtis and Penny Horgan

Margaret Lynn Burtis and Penny Horgan

GB Cruise

GBHS Cruise view of the Key Bridge

GB Cruise Three Girls

GB Cruise Brunch

GB Cruise Brunch Gary and Larry

Gary Teeter and Larry Rogers

Group Picture

Group Picture

GB Cruise Veiw of Inner Harbor

View of Inner Harbor

Missing classmates

Please send us any information you may have on a missing classmate even if you think we may already have it. This is the most recent list of the missing. It would be nice if we could locate some of them.

Robert Bailey, George Basinger, Larry Bell, Norma Bowers, Ed Bradley, Peggy Brown, Beverly Brow, Carole Bucci, Judy Burr, Rosmary Burr, Linda Butler, Catherine Carruthers, David Chapman, Wayne Coldbeck, Kathi Dicus, John Donohue, Vincent Genovese, Kathy Giddings, Connie Gosper, Francine Grant, Linda Grecco, Michael Green, George Griffith, Linda Haislip, Sharon Hall, James Harrelson, Pamala Hoheisel, Patricia Holbert, Margaret Jackson, Roger Jeffers, Steven Keigley, Jane Kessler, Nick Kiya, Wyatt Law, Donna Lewis, James Lott, Bill Marsh, Thomas Miller, Frances Patrick, Mark Schools, Linda Seelbinder, William Seymour, James Shepherd, Sharon Sims, Earl Smith, Oliver Smith, James Taylor, Deborah Viertel, Rodrigo Villaroman, Stanley Weems, Sheryl Williams, Michael Yates, and David Zembower

We are in need of some help from those of you who would care to be an active member of the Reunion Committee. Now is the time for you to join your talents with ours to help us make the next reunion a memorable occasion for everyone.

Just contact Chuck Thomas, you can call him at 1-410-421-9325. If you wish to respond electronically may use the following email address Thomas). Whichever way you choose is fine, but please respond quickly. We are working with this web site and will keep you posted. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Contact us at: for Chuck Thomas

Our love and prayers to those that may have suffered injury to, or loss of a friend or loved one through the recent tragic acts of cowardly terrorism in Washington, Pennsylvania and New York City. Let us remember and honor their lives by continuing to live ours, and not letting the Bad Guys win. May God Bless You and yours, and May God Bless America.

Your Reunion Committee

Mailing Address -
Gary A. Teeter
6506 Reile Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075

Or Contact us at: for Chuck Thomas

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