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Preface and Gratitude

The meaning of this side should be to share everything I found through the years with everyone with interest in the Jewish History of Suriname from the very beginning until today. I have collected around 100 Documents which I would like the share with you. Please give me a E-mail. I would like ask help from everyone to complete this work with information of any kind to solve this work. I don't do this for any commercial or financial interest it's free for all.

My name is Mike Becker, I'm 45 years old and I'm living in Cologne, Germany. I've studied electrical engineering and archaeology. I'm working for the German Telekom. My connection with Suriname starts in my very young year's because my Grandparents, Mother and Uncle lived and work in Suriname from the year 1931-1945. I always here story's about this beautiful country and the kind people. In 1980 I spend my first holiday in Suriname and it was overwhelming. From this time on I'm a regular visitors of Suriname. This Country concealed a lot of Historical Site's and some of the eldest Archaeological Site's in the History of South America. We can found over 10000 years old traces to the first human beings setting their feet on this Continent. The mounds Buckleberg 1+2 from the Barracoid Tradition. Traces to the Arauguinoid Tradition with some smaller mounds, Tupoku Sites, Alaka Sites, Wonotobo Sites and Proto-Saladoid Culture sides.

My first contact with Jodensavanne was in 1994 when I met some people who want to see the Cordon-Pad in earlier days the defence line for the Plantations. There was not much to find back so we ended up in Jodensavanne. From old maps that I found in the Library of the Suriname Museum I knew about a second graveyard near Cassipora Creek. It arose the idea to find this place. About two week's fieldwork was necessary to locate the place. Three more weeks were spend to clean up part of the graveyard. I had to leave Suriname in this time and could not finish the work. But every time back in Suriname I resume the work in field and readings. In 1998 and 1999 I found back many foundations of the old village at Jodensavanne and the well's.




Many thanks to the kind people who help me with this work. To Ms. Tyin A Kien, Ms. Nyhove and Ms. Gobind from the Library of the Suriname Museum Paramaribo. To the people of the Public Record Office, London. To Ms. Gita Venigopal and Mr. Malcolm Marjoram from the British Library, London. To the personal of the Germanica Judaica, Cologne. To Prof. Dr. Günter Böhm, Chile. To Ms. Prof Hannelore Künzel, Heidelberg.