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Band Art I've Collected off the net

Welcome to my online photo album. This is my first subpage off of my main page. Basically when I see a cool symbol or picture I download it. Before now they have all been on the hard drive of my computer locked behind the iron doors of this friend impenetrable fortress I call home. For many of my friends this may be the closest you will ever get to the inside of my house!! Hey if you realy feel like being a pal and have a digital camera I'd really appreciate it if I could borrow it; or show me how to use this one I got at the Salvation Army.

Van Halen

I'm dyin to see the Atomic Punks again; I'm having witdrawls!


HOT LEGS, La Grange!! Guys with Beards, Hot Rods and Fuzzy guitars, whats not to love?


By far the definitive rock band of all time; I have yet to hear a bad song! When Queen comes on the radio, you can tell who it is, but none of their songs sound the same. They pulled rhythm, melody, and style from Italian Chorus, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, and the great Ballads! The Champions of Rock! And the funniest part: they started in England!