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What's Going On In The Past

July 3rd To Jully 11th

1. what happened??????????
2. i love dima-amy
3. Did it ever trouble you that GRUMPY BEAR on the care bears was never ever truly honestly that grumpy at all? Mind boggling isn't it?
4. So I tipped my hat like "so". And who do you think it was? Emilo Estevaz. Yea thats right, the mighty ducks guy. And I was like EMILO!
5. give me an "S". give me an "L". give me a "U". give me a "T". What does that spell?.....LINDSAY.. wait, what? oh I get it...that makes sense...muahahaha!
6. Taco Bell...Taco Bell...Product placement with Taco Bell... Macho Burrito..enchirito...heh heh heh
7. In respect to James request I would like to confess to numbers 3, 4, and 6. But 5 I have no idea. Honestly Lindsay. :) -the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh
8. well i feel like maiking copies on the copier with the copy machine
9. i must confess i love dima too- derrick
10. Hey guys, When all the entries disappear it means that I made an archive:
11. james i saw your new hair-do and must say that i love it. it brings out your...big personality. i meant the one on top of your head. you're so perverted.
12. i heard that you touch yourself when ever you think of dima. over the course of the past 5 days i have come to realize that you can't keep your hands off makes you think.
13. some people ask "are those real?" to which i reply "of course, im an all natural sweedish gal". how many times do i have to tell them?-the beautiful and talented JAMES. i'm flexible!
14. james gizzed on my getto machine. BE AFRAID don't let james get too close to your car, who knows what he's smiling about...
15. #8, ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT sex?!?!?!?
16. Through all of this madness, few had came out sane. I'm not one of those lucky ones. James: the whole car thing, thats just growse. Don't ever touch me again. -Dima
17. but sometimes i can't help myself. you're just so beautiful. i long for your sweet touch. oh dmitriy, love me
18. less than a week till i leave, on the outside it may look like i'm happy, but on the inside i am very very happy. I may be a little sad that i will never see some of you guys again, oh well
19. riiight, you are one sensitive boy
20. hey ashley, "take it off!"
21. It is so dark outside. Someone tie a glowstick to Gaius's neck. hahaha. -the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh
22. So today I went to Cal State Fullerton and the person I was with, thought she was mo-the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh re mature or something. hahaa. what a retard. :)
23. Did you ever notice that Donald Duck, Huey, Duey, Luey, Uncle Scrooge, Daisy and the other Disney Ducks don't wear pants? But Donald has a towel around his waist when he gets out of the shower? -the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh
24. someone has been watching FRIENDS a little too much...
25. Who is Alex? What is Woman? Where is Lindsay? All you white folk should be on Jerry Springer. - David
26. Japanese definition for "Busting a Derrick"- for 2 camrys to be waiting at a red light at night and having a white aussie running into violet VW Beatles and losing a chunk of his leg. The aussie must proclaim that he is "fine" before being rushed to the ER to mend his leg. -Dave
27. haha haha thats funny... hey dave hows your sister - derrick
28. euwww...did you do something with his sister?
29. Gaius? Gaius? Where are ya Gaius? Has anyone seen Gaius? Gaius? Gaius?. OH WAIT! It's night time, we won't see him till sun up! hahaha -the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh
30. christian your so silly
31. dave's sister is hot! -blackula
32. hey christian what about the 24th????? pleasssssseeee!?!?!?!?!?
33. hey ashley, its gettin hot in here! you know what to do.
34. yeah james you too, get to strippin!fo shizzle my nizzle, represent yo! -gauis
35. GAIUS YOU SO BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
36. silly asian i'm surprised you can see anyone with your eyes always shut....oh just look like that- GAIUS
37. Who wrote 20 and 33?
38. Ashley's my hottie
39. 33, no I don't what should I do?-ashley
40. do nothing, whats wrong with you people
41. The person of 39 was so not could have been, however was not--Ashley
42. thats right cause u know what to do when it get"hot in here" right ashley.
43. I think this is the first time I posted on your site James, I'm not sure, I might have before. ARG! I forgot. Eitherway, Bonfire! Hurray! - The Asian (oh wait... there's Kyle too, so the asian with the civic... arg, the asian with black hair, damnit. The asian that lives in redondo!)
44. July 25 cool for everyone? It was moved 1 day up (originally 26th) but Abe couldn't make it. If it isn't, please feel free to speak up. Moving it up a day isn't that big of a deal, it's just telling everyone and spreading the word fast enough. - christian! (the coolest asian in the world? lol)
45. i dont wanna be a pain but what about the 24th? I have somethin really important that i dont wanna miss, but i also dont wanna miss being with my friends. Is that cool with you guys???pleeasssseee???-your anonymous friend!
46. hey christian, why don't you just throw the party at SB. Then I could come too! Yay!
47. Sorry moving it up one more day won't work, too many people will be inconvenienced. -- Christain
48. If anyone cares i started a Live Journal. i used to have an open diary but that sux now so i'm gonna try this out....if you wanna check it out just go to:
49. who is signing w/ my name? (# 47). But ya, at this point, moving it after everyone has been told would be kinda hard :-/ sorry - the real christian.
50. yeah dont move it up, i cant make it!
51. i miss you guys alot but hay when i get back we are going to party hard- derrick
52. Of course I know what to do.-Ashley
53. Christian the 25th is great....thank you for organizing the whole thing.-Ashley
54. klondikes for everyone!!!!
55. i love u christian-gaius
56. i want you in bed kyle - alex
57. You're lucky that alex wants you in bed kyle...because.....he's like the only person in this whole universe that does....if he didn''d be pretty lonely...haha-from the blackest black boy ever..GAIUS
58. hey ashley,what up?
59. its still hot in here ashley, you knwo what to do! dont act like you dont know what were talkin about
60. so hey guys! whats going on! Everything is fine here. I'm going to try to go on thursday. But i'm not sure if that will work out. Have fun for me and for derrick. thanks. - dima P.S. Gaius is black? I think abe is darker than him!
61. Boo! to that last message. No matter how dark I am i still have more SOUL than all of you. GAIUS
62. thanks Dima for thinking of me, at least some one is thinking of me, sniff, sniff - derrick
63. Who is this Derrick kid that keeps on leavin messages? oh wait is that foo who got hit by the vw? -dave
64. "you can do it put your back into it"-gaius
65. I love the jackson 5! they my heroes!!-GAIUS
66. hey dima guess what, my tan is almost evened out completely, now i'm really darker than gaius.-abe
67. abe, i'm darker than you! and if you are darker than gaius, i guess i'm darker than gaius too! mwhahahahah! - christian
68. Lets not bicker and argue about who is darker than who, we all know that James wins that competition............AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm crying. ;) Sorry James.-dima
69. Lets not bicker and argue about who is darker than who, we all know that James wins that competition............AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I'm crying. ;) Sorry James.-dima
70. no christian, you are just dark yellow. hmmmm, i guess that would make you orange right?
71. sorry you atill aint got no SOUL, and much less RYTHM!!hahahaha! -GAIUS
72. well whatever color he is, he still aint got no SOUL, much less any RHYTHM!!!hahaha! -GAIUS
73. lmfao. bon fire in less than 24 hours!!! - christian
74. I saw Gaius tonite, and he had a glowing ring around his neck. The all better to see him with! muahaha -the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh
75. Lindsay your so cute when you can't see your face. Put your hood back on! hahaha
76. Alex I am never ever gonna get into a bed with you! Not my bed, your bed or any other bed in this entire universe. So just drop that fantasy and go harass someone less fortunate, someone who needs no introduction! GAIUS! the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh -
77. i want to get in bed with everyone
78. no one can control australia
79. hey alex, while i was up here, the other day i rented a monkey suit, and ran through the farmers market. -derrick
80. kill the australians!
81. pictures derrick! - christian
82. Kyle I didn't even know you could see my face to begin with. (Said with love)
83. At this moment in time, I hate my parents with my entire self. But I love all of you guys and you always make everything better. All of you. I donít know what Iíd do without you guys. You make me ME. I heart you.
84. Who told christian about the camry mafia hit!!!!
85. "i like big butts and i cannot lie!" -Gaius
86. I didn't write 85 but it's still very very very true. GAIUS
87. Who the hell wrote that I wanted to sleep with kyle, every time kyle gets in a bed it turns yellow, and I ain't talkin about it comin from his skin either!!!
88. Hey kyle, on the KP DVD theres an outtake where evil betty sing a song about your fav. joke. "what doy you get when you cross..."
89. Derrick e-mail me, i don't really visit this site often.
90. whats hotter alex or the sun.....ALEX!!!
91. the sun or derrick..... hahahahaha Derrick of course!
92. I thought of you all today. I was hanging out with my friends, and i realized i missed you all. If any of you have any free time, i check my email at night when i get home, so please e mail me at, i just want to talk with you guys before you disperse - derrick
93. Who's hotter than all of you...GAIUS
94. i miss ashley already, i wanna cry!!!!!
95. hi james its me shaun, well my web site is finally comming together, i got a new background of a nice looking car you just have to go and see it, if you forgot my web site its love you man ps. in a brotherly kind of way
96. 94 I love you--Ashley
97. My car had I'll probably leave tomorrow at 5!
98. I love you all sooooo much....I'm going to miss you soooooo much! email my addresses and updates...... aim.......sweetbrookie16!
99. You had better all email me...or else!
100. And yes again I do know what to do when it gets hot in here!
102. I still miss ashley! sniff, sniff, oh come just for old times sake, ashley, "TAKE IT OFF!!"
103. Roadtrip to SB to visit me! :) - christian
104. James, what the hell is that purple thing?
105. new archive time!
106. 41 days until the world stops turning.
107. white people need to die black people oughta fry
108. maybe 107, and then this one, should be deleted. not really kosher there AT ALL.
109. all right people, I need ideas for a band name:
110. who's tryin to start a band?
111. I wanna play!
112. Can i rap? -GAIUS
113. write down all your freaking addy's before I hurt and college ones....--Ashley
114. 6721 El Colegio #4, Goleta, CA, 93117 PLEASE DON"T KILL ME
115. Band Name: Kicking Ice Or try alternate spellings like: Kikin IcE
116. Dima! Can i stop by sometime this weekend? I need to see a familiar face from costa! - christian
117. I like Kicking Ice
118. OOOh OOh. How about Kcking Wet Dogs? Yeah, that's good!
119. hey guys it's derrick, just seeing how everyone was, it has been a long time since i've been to the site, just checking out what is new
120. Derrick...Derrick who????
121. Christian, e-mail me or something
122. two weeks left, then the Kiwi comes home, i'm looking forward to it
123. How Come Dima gets his own link on the front page?
124. Hey, go to my site and take my POLL!!! -KATIE
125. I want a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo, a clothes line out the back a veranda out the front, and an old rocking chair
126. in a few days the south bay will be rocked by an aussie that has come to create mischief
127. Hey there you crazy sick jerks....sorry I only meant Gaius (who by the way has a very strong resemblence to Donkey in Shrek...just look) I'm finally connected in Boston so talk to me now ok, good, i'm putting my info in james' address book