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What's Going On In The Past

July 3rd To Jully 11th

1. to all of you out there i first wanna apolpogize about my "friend" who decided to say such harsh words, I believe i know who it could be but I don't wanna point fingers at anyone because then we are enticing exactly what this person was preaching....we'd be mad at each other and there would go our friendships. The only thing we can really do is ignore what the coward said, and carry on uninflicted. If there is hate amongst us or accusations it will tear us apart. I'm not trying to defend the person (in fact I'm quite upset with them as well) but unless we defintely know who they are we cannot attack them.

2. we need to enjoy these last days so please I urge you all to disregard this bastard and simply have a good time this summer. In time we shall learn of the fallacies this person wrote, but only if we allow ourselves to trust each other (which I'm sorry to say, but in my experience you guys really don't seem to trust one another). If we learn to rely and depend on each other we can overcome a lot and so let this be a time for a new beginning...forget the cruelties of the past and renew the good times and make way for some more. We still have nearly two months, and in that time I want to be able to shake all of your hands and regard you all as trusted friends now and forever.

3. I urge you not to dwell on this, looking at the negatives will reflect your mood and your future. what was written was only text, it doesn't have to be truth. --Alex

4. "family loves us because they kinda have to but friends love us because they want to."

5. Ohana, you guys. Goddamn OHANA!

6. sometimes i wonder why we're all friends. but i know that you guys are what made highschool bearable. i think you made me want to go on and i can't imagine a life without you. 7. i wish that the person who wrote the negative comments wasn't so angry, i wish that things for he or she could have worked out and they weren't so bitter towards certain individuals. im sorry you feel this way. i hope that you understand that you were our friend and in turn you meant alot if not to us then to me.

8. Ohana...I love you guys...and girls

9. Happy Fourth of July!!

10. Alex you're my hero! I love you! Alex for President! Thank you for making me, at least, feel much better. Thanks again!

11. In defense of whoever did write what they did... as an "outsider" and someone without bias, some of what was said was observed by me. However, this message board was definitely NOT the appropriate place to confront the people in question. I am not one to do anything thats appropriate though and therefore defend the free speech of the asshole that wrote that crap. Maybe those that were written about will re-examine their behavior and change for the better as a result of this controversy. The author the message will also hopefully realize the hurt they inflicted back on those who he says hurt him. But for future referrence... free speech means everything and should always prevail.. just keep in mind two wrong will never, ever make a right...

12. Amen...j/k

13. So I sit in my asian house reading these evil messages. Is there something wrong with being friends with Lindsay? Is it because a guy and a girl cannot be JUST friends without, bitter people talking about it. Whoever typed that stuff, it's ok that you have your own opinions, but just know the facts before you speak your mind. Alex and Lindsay are two of my closest friends regardless of what has happened in the past. NO matter what happens I will never ever loose Alex as a friend without putting up a fight. He has been my friend since the 7th grade and he just means too much to me. So you have nothing to worry about there. (continue later)

14. (continue from before) As far as Lindsay goes, I know its shocking to you that we are just friends, because you know that guys and gals cannot be just friends, that is just unheard of, right? I mean what kind of society would that be? So I am just gonna put this behind, but if you ever hurt the feelings of Lindsay again or if you hurt Alex's or any of my other close friends, I will KAMIKAZE your ass! Oh and one more thing, by saying this it only creates more complicated shit (forgive the cussing james) so lets all just chill and go on with our lives. SAYONARA! - the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know! heh heh

15. I love you skinny asian man~Come on you idiots think about it...chompers....think about who loves Kyle

16. Who am I?... Elbow? Nope, don't get it!

17. The "outsider" author of 51 should ID themselves.

18. Remember: Rice equals drugs, equals violence, equals death!

19. I swear there's a mad squirrel in my pants

20. Ashley is my hero!!!!!... Really, Everyone should bow down to her...I mean it...If you love her say I!!!!--Duckie

21. Guess who loves my beautiful beauty queen? ME!

22. Guess who loves my stunning little ballerina?--Me

23. Those two "me"s are totally different peoples

24. I am the queen of my Queendom!~Queen Chompers

25. There's a fire in my pants, in my pants!!!- Duckie... (Yep, yep, yep that's me!)

26. OWWWWW! The stupid mad squirrel just bit me!

27. NOPE, my bad, just Kyle!

28. Kali and Ashley RULE!


30. Sorry just wanted to hit 70!

31. on behalf of cripples everywhere, i just want to proclaim my love for everyone, yes even gaillus. I love every person who has come into my life and if anyone tries to hurt themi will tear them i new one, unless they have a volswagon. Love, peace, and chicken grease -Derrick

32. wait a second... what is wrong with volkswagens? tell me! no really! go ahead and tell me!- a previous and a satisfied (before it died out) volkswagen owner

33. by the way: thats a nice picture!- VW

34. Chompers for Miss America!! You've got my vote!-Duckie

35. Chompers! Watch out for those killer june bugs!!! They are after you!!~Duckie

36. Duckie is my hero!!! Don't worry I'll eat those june bugs for you.~CHOMPERS

37. I love PETRIE! aka Jamie!~CHOMPERS

38. Dear EWE, I have a problem, none of my clothes work anymore. See I got sunburned so anything that I wear has to be loose. I can't even wear bras anymore. It's not like many of my clothes fitted to start with, due to excess baggage up and front. What should I do? ~Sunburned in Manhattan, CA

39. **CENSORED FOR CONTENT CUZ IT PISSED ME OFF!!!!!! -- Big Brother Combs**

40. I'm sorry dear sun burned in Manhattan Beach, I hope you have aloe vera gel and rub it all over your body which will give you a cool sensation. Anyways who needs clothes they are restricting and the body is a beautiful thing.

41. Anyone notice in the suave pic how utterly yellow Kyle looks?

42. Volkswagons hit people in the street. Anyhoo, why doesn't anyone leave their name anymore, oh well and oh yeah for those that got me wet at the park you will get payback, oyu know who you are, and so do i, muahhahaa

43. What are you talking about, kyle looks fine to me~Whitey

44. Hey mom told me she had a 65 or 66 Cougar back in the day...

45. I would just like to say that these past few days have been great! I have had so much fun with all my friends, this truly is the best summer of my LIFE! I feel that our group has become stronger since those sinful comments were written. Which is really cool!(continue later)

46. (continue before) So I am really hyper! Ask Lindsay what happens when I am hyper at this hour. heh heh. Its not a pretty site. So I shall start out with saying, I like my job. COME VISIT ME. I work at Back Home in Lahaina. That is all muahahaha! - the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know!

47. go to katie's page. now.

48. The Asian gets really crazy at night, he even pretends that his hands are puppets and they ae alive. SCARY!!!

49. So TUESDAY we are going to BACK HOME IN LAHAINA and making a mess on Kyle's behalf....OKAY?

50. hey man, we already went, okay? a little behind there...

51. is 46 from kyle...i'm confused it says cutest, sweetest,...and huh?? athletic!! couldn't be, must be from dreamy Christian Vuong!!!

52. Don't be hating on your own kind! Christian only I can do that. SO DIE! muahahahaa. Oh and by the way who won when we played one on one? thats right bee-atch!

53. JAMES you suck - Dima

54. hmmm, so this is james's famous website. good job james its cool, there's only 1 thing i dont like and its the lack of diversity(racial that is)afirmative action! whoo whoo! much love to y'all -the most handsome,intellingent,buffest,most talented,artistic,the list goes on... latin ever!

55. dimas coming this weekend, everyone has to pay him much attention because i cant be there. james im assigning you the duty of making-out with him. i know it will be hard but you must try your best. thank you.

56. i, JAMES COMBS, will gladly take on that duty. in fact i can't wait for this weekend to so damn excited.

57. i, JAMES COMBS, will gladly take on that duty. in fact i can't wait for this weekend to so damn excited.

58. James, it's obvious you are VERY excited about these new duties, but there is no need to repeat yourself.

59. hey guys, i'm gonna have to meet a whole bunch of brown relatives this week and i need some useful phrases in spanish. can anyone help me out? By the way, go to my page! I have new pics up (prom and others) and i have my own board, dearies. - Katie

60. did u say spanish??? brown?? hmmm, i know a handsome guatemalan that can help u with that...

61. I didn't know handsome guatemalan people existed. What the hell kind of world are we living in now? - the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know!

62. did u say handsome guatemalan? i love handsome guatemalans, can u hook me up? -kyle

63. Asian guys rule. They are so cool I wish I could be as smart as an asian and become a successful person. But I shall only become a gardner. - Abe

64. i can only make fun of the spaniard, because i am envious of his stunnin good looks, and intelligence. us; the japanese, we are just a breed of asians gone bad, with no rhythm or talent. abe! my hero, please help me!!! -kyle

65. i love dima...

66. It's great when people pretend to be other people on here, isn't it?

67. james... there will be no making out with me this weekend. Maybe next...

68. i love amy

69. I love amy too

70. gauis is black

71. I stumbbled upon James site when Abe was wrote the previous message about me being black.(haha!). I figured i might as well use this site as a way to communicate to all of you and tell you some things that i won't be able to tell you all individually. I want to start by saying when this summer comes to a close it will go down as onw of the best I've ever had. Getting to know all of you has truly been an experience and these past few weeks are filled with memories and good times that I will cherish forever. I have other groups of friends, and i have other people i hang with, but what makes you guys one of the best is the fact that you accept each other for who you are.

72. (continued) I've been in groups where people fight for attention and the spotlight but i here i feel like i never have to do that. Even those of you that i don't know as well as others have all been good to me in one way or another and I look forward to getting to know some of you the short time we have left with each other(i.e. james and evan). I feel like i've made some pretty good friends in the last few weeks and for that i'm truly greatful...So to Alex, Lindsay, Kyle, Derrick, Bret, Blaize, James, Abe, Amy, Katie, Nicole, Shaun, Dawn, Evan, Ashley...and anyone else i might've forgotten, Thank you for the memories, the love, and most importantly your friendship. It truly means alot-GAIUS

73. We love you Gaius!

74. of course, leave the russian out...sniff...sniff...

75. DIMA I APPRECIATE YOU TOO...I'm so was late when i wrote this so i couldn't think of here's a big thank you for being a good friend-GAIUS

76. Katie says, "Gaius is the coolest."

77. james, i'm sorry about yesterday online, it was matt sayin all those weird things, he got on the computer and saw it was u and started sayin stuff, i know, he's a weirdo -abe

78. hey gaius, what up!

79. i love all the gaius what up and we love you gaius messages....if i only i knew who was posting them...apparently they have no name(haha).-GAIUS

80. college come up soon, and all i wish is that i can spend more time with you guys but, oh well, i guess it makes the transition alot easier, but it still makes me sad as of now i have about a week before i leave, and i need to hang out iwht you guys- derrick

81. gauis is the man!

82. I'm gonna marry Gauis

83. no your not I'M gonna marry GAUIS!!!!!!!

84. i love all u guys!

85. that's it were havin a fight over him! as soon as i find out whos writing that.

86. Derrick's leaving in a week? im crying...

87. There's no need to fight over me...There is enough of this sexy black man to go around

88. Gaius your so cool. That was a really nice thing you wrote. I am glad that I got to know you when I did, although I wish it was earlier. And don't take any of the comments I say towards you seriously. Its all good and fun.the most athletic coolest sweetest cutest nicest smartest asian you all know!

89. Gosh we leave for a few days and suddenly everyone's writing.

90. I love you Gaius!!!- Ashley

91. Drama Bitch

92. Oh Kali, thank you for being my friend too. -Gaius

93. Kali, i like your post.

94. i like your shoes too Kali.

95. All of you are so random...russian

96. russian r u on right now

97. all us foreigners should stick together!

98. damn...i keep forgetting short counter-part....I LOVE YOU TOO and thanks for being a good friend.-The REAL Gaius

99. hey Gauis!

100. Gauis is still black!

101. But above all, Abe is the best friend that anyone can have -Gauis

102. thank u so much gauis, your too kind,your cool too -Abe

103. apparently i have an evil twin...writing nice things about ABE....I shudder to evenm speak his name

104. Hey the Guat can't help it if he's so sexy.

105. I love Abraham!

106. I still have a mad squirrel in my pants!

107. James...isn't it time for a new archive? You have to click ALOT to get here....

108. KYLE'S ASIAN?!?!?! and all this time...