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What's Going On In The Past

Sometime In June To July 3rd

1. south bay FARM-CORE!!!

2. what happened to all the enteries? i'm so upset. moohoohoohoo

3. one day till prom. can you imagine all the sex? i'm trying. :)

4. marx is over and i'm a happy bastard - derrick

5. Prom is over...Fong Pang Chao!

6. i had such a good time at prom, i love you all. it was by far one bad ass memory, almost as bad ass as sliced bread. although how can you top sliced bread?

7. with butter - derrick

8. Hmmm... Prom or sliced bread? Prom!, but if ther's butter.... That's a tough one.

9. i want some DIMA butter and some extra JAMIE jelly please.

10. DB & JJ sandwich, yo

11. hey kyle, this'll be anonymous cuz i know you're weirded out by serious things. We all love you and if you're sad let us know. we want to help you. i know you keep your problems to yourself, but your happiness is our hapiness. ---if its about everyone leaving, i know how you feel. i'm bummed about that too.---

12. gee hmm i wonder who said that last one, give me a break

13. Must we be negative?


15. "Hey, do you know what game they're playing on stage?" "No, what game?" "Musical chairs, silly." "oh, hahaha, you're so intelligent." Dumb people who talk during plays...

16. You guys...we're done with it all! It's all done. But now it's sad, because we're all splitting up...except Lindsay and Kyle..something goin' on there...oh, and Amy and Katie..well, we all know something's happening there. Moving on..I lost my train of thought...

17. I must say that with few exceptions, i care for you all. Most of you have been the greatest people in the world to hang out with. I just want to thank you all for all you compassion and friendship, you guys mean the world to me. Live, love and Learn. -Derrick

18. missing dima already. (12:26 AM on Monday June 24, 2002)

19. love dima alot

20. you guys are so mean! why didn't anyone tell me that i've turned into a sheep?!

21. hey jamie, maybe you should remove the grad countdown...

22. hey james. Thanks for everything. Your Russian brother. Amy if you read this: I love you and miss you a lot...

23. dima takes my breath away

24. What's up with Dima posting his I Love Yous everywhere? I mean...on my journal...? Kinda strange dont you think? Okay, maybe it's just me. - Katie PS. Leslie is a sheep.

25. I think Kyle wrote 23.

26. NO! it was I, amy. bwahahahahahaha

27. What?! I am Amy. What is wrong with you people always trying to steal my identity?

28. katie's on crack, dont listen to her

29. Wait who's to say where amy ends and katie begins or vice versa? Huh? Not any of you that's for damn sure. Only I can say that!

30. bla bla bla says little katie

31. amy just can't think straight since she had sex with dima

32. hey hey hey, we all know that james wrote 23. Don't you remember? The magical nights together, on the beach, alone... No? oh I guess i was just dreaming...

33. oh yeah! that was fun! I can't think straight either-Kyle

34. HA hA ha hahahahahahahhahahhah.....a This stuff is fun! Santa (Barbara)

35. obviously dima wrote 32 33 and 34....drugs are bad

36. screw you guys, i'm never visiting this site ever again. EVER!!! blaaahhhh!!!!!

37. I'm so sorry! I was just kidding, I swear!!!

38. drugs are not that bad.......


40. Gary is Alex.

41. I knew it all along...

42. I knew it all along...

43. Hello. I am a first time user of this hardcore sex site and I am all a fluster. you see I come to this site to find "Garry" (spelt w/ 2 r's) propaganda and it bewildered me greatly. you see I am the true Garry..but many of you seem to think you are priveleged enough to be him...well sorry but you fail in this quest. For you see I am a cunning man, a bastard if you will, and I take in great amounts of those envious of me on a daily basis, so I undestand your pain.

44. as ruler of the ruling nations i must preach my simple but copious ruling.(it's what I do) the first decree is to ask James about Garry's website regarding Dima(complete with lovely pics) the 2nd decree is to cast forth your dowry's and commit an act of a short play to your memory...thereby giving you a greater knowledge of the Hebrew language.

45. Finally you must all divert thy faith and focus it upon your future's. Things will be different...perhaps enticing, perhaps not, but what dost happen shall thine be a root of my rise to power and you will obey me or i suppose you might not. but no this weary travelers...James shall dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and cast is naked body upon a mattress covered in soft money and molten lava. He then exits the larva and feeds on the souls of all your tiny toes

46. Alexander J. Merl for President

47. Alexander J. Merl for President

48. You got my vote hottie!!! I thought you were god though?

49. SEXY LEXY!!!

50. Can I get a crazyy mofos wanna dance or what? huh!!! bring on that thing you do and prepare for your finest hour.....just let me win cause otherwise it wouldn't be a fine hour now, wouldn't it? -Alex

51. Ni! Ni! Ni! icky ticky ticky schbong wuhbong kerplunk

52. Ni! Ni! Ni! icky ticky ticky schbong wuhbong kerplunk

53. for some reason i am very glad i havent seen you guys for a while, i think i would kill myself

54. Alex... What happened to you man. Did you go crazy since I left or something. But wait, you know what, you've always been like this. You crazy Hulk-boy. E-mail me dammit!

55. James you crackhead!!! What the hell were we discussing the whole time?!! TWO DIMASPAGE!!!!

56. where is my backpack?

57. im confused about dimas page address now. and dima your backpack is in amys car.

58. Alex--you are indeed the root of all evil

59. i am almost human again. My body is rebuilding itself, and when the transformation is complete my rein of terror will ensue, or is it a rein of sexiness, i always forget but remember alex, you are the mongose to my snake or the snake to my mongose i dont know i'm not good with animals, all i know is its going to be fun, for the aardvarks that is hahahaha

60. you foolish insignifigant rambling numbskulled chicken arses, i would love to see you all naked and covered with coconut oil, except that goat lover's daughter, because obviously i would run out of butter before i arrive to her. oh well i may be slow in getting around but there will be much spreading of coconut oil

61. if you guys actually stop and thought about it the real "root of evil" are nicole and lindsay. if they hadn't come in to the picture, and brought there grop here we'd have none of this drama bullshit! In fact what's happened has really ruined my last months in so. ca and it PISSEs me of! the next bullets are from me to you guys

62. NICOLE-why do you insist on making things so goddam hard for everyone. misery loves that why?! why r you always butting in our lives..just backoff and things would be some much better! I want my old friends back! Oh, and if you want alex to actually be your friend than just fucking leave him alone!

63. LINDSAY- when i 1st met you years ago you were nice and caring but now you really are the ice queen. do you even care about any of your friends? I think you really are just using kyle to get close to guys..but right now abe, a good friend of alex's, the guy you so recently hurt. Lindsay that is really cold of you, why do you hurt people, your never gonna be happy, you've destroyed kyl e and alex's friendship, now you wanna destroy's gonna suck when this all happens and they all find out!

64. ALEX-you been a good friend of mine for years and it sucks to see you hurt but i got to say you kinda deserved it. We all told you Linsay was the ice queen and it was gonna be bad but you ignored us...look where you are now. But forget about that and them...things will be better if we just get away from all of them...we were happy before and I want all of us to have fun again...which means forgetting about the newer peple

65. KYLE-you are a friend of minew and i want to keep it that way. we gotta get away from these people we met, we only hung out with them for alex and lindsay and that's over now. they make things really bad for us, we have'nt had fun ni a long time. Personall \y i think lindsay is only using you to get closer to guys or something, seriously think about it. best friends stab you ibn the front. you don't wanna get hurt like alex did. and don't you wanna be friends with are old group again. forget this we oght to enjoy the rest of our time together

66. whoever went off on LIndsay and Kyle is an should stop blaming all this bullshit on's not their fault they happen to enjoy each others company....I think that any guy who has the balls to critisize or critique their friendship is just jealous, and in unbelief that they can actually be close and just be friends. Oh yeah I don't know where you7 got the "Kyle is being used by Lindsay" shit.

67. oh yeah nicole's not that bad. We all have our moments.....hers just happen to be more frequent.

68. I am personally hurt by what was written about me. And for your information I am not using Kyle, he happens to be one of my closest friends and I would choose him over some guy any day. Also the Alex thing, it's been what four months now and I too have had my heart broken, but you must remember we never went out we were never a couple so basically we never broke up, almost doesn't count. Oh and I have known abe alot longer than he has so back off. I may be an "ice queen" once and awhile but usually only to those who deserve it. And nobody is perfect and I would like to think that you would at least have the guts to say something like this to me in person instead of posting it on the internet with out a name. Your an ass. -Lindsay

69. I would like to clarify something lindsay wrote. SHe did say that she would take kyle over any guy....but she would like to add that she's closer to Ashley than she is to him.~ not from Ashley

70. kyle is hot!.....really I'm telling the truth!

71. It's getting hot in here.....hey kyle where did all your clothes go!

72. Lexy you're soooooo SEXY!

73. sheep.....baaaaaaaah humbug....hehe

74. I love.....who.....besides the obvious all the guys in our group.....I comes the shocker....FIREMEN!!!!~who else?

75. okay so....have I got you off thinking of the crap on the previous page? no? Well I'll just have to sing songs to you on the imaginary all love me....

76. Dimitry is a hottie...nanananana He runs into my dreams at night...nanananana He has such a nice body...nanananana Me and Amy are going to fight...nanananana

77. Lindsay is perfect...nanananana that's the one thing I hate...nanananana SHe likes me more than Kyle...nanananana I think she lost weight...nanananana

78. Kali's my princess..nanananana I missed her a lot...nanananana SHe is my bestest...nanananana Kyle is so hot...nanananana nothing good rymmes with lot!

79. Kyle is a hottie...nanananana Yep everyone knows...nanananana he has the best body...nanananana Have you seen his blue clothes...nanananana

80. This is the end...nanananana Our group will stay true...nanananana Let's all stay in touch...nanananana I love all of you...nanananana

81. Thank you....(cheers)...I'll be checking up all summer...and for those of you that feel lucky that I didn't talk on them...don't because "I 'll be back!"~me

82. There's a mad chipmunk in my pants

83. abe is a babe

84. green jello with carrots..ewwwwww

85. Whoever wrote the evil things..we do know who you are. And don't think you'll get a very warm reception from any of us, even the ones you were supposedly fighting for - Kyle and Alex. Great job alienating your friends.

86. Lindsay's a you who we know...die