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What's Going On In The Past

Whenever I started This to June

What's Going on?:

1. For those that care James has decided he is going to Prom; the girls may leave names numbers and pictures. I will get back to the top 5 and have a personal interview with each one... Nah Im kidding I'll nail this prom date thing by Friday!

2. I am going to college at Cal State Fullerton. I am going to marry Melissa Young.

3. I am going to UC Riverside. You decided Fullerton huh? Wow, we're all gonna be so close. You, Me, Amy, Kyle, Lindsay, possibly Alex. Damn Prom. Damn Prom to hell. Except I still want to go. But for now. Damn Prom.

4. Ha, okay, i read the part about leaving your name after i submitted, so as you might already know, number 3 is Katie.

5. Ok, I am Hopefully going to Marymount, YEAH! Ask her, or you may be sorry! And I dont know what else to write!!

6. HOLA JAMES - christian

7. Where did you get your hula girl?

8. I know someone who has a crush on you....

9. haha, who wrote 8? and who are you talking about? -Katie

10. nipples...

11. whats the squareroot of 69 ?

12. Ian, did you write number 10?

13. Oh sorry, #12 is from Cherryyellow1

14. Bret is gay.

15. I know someone who has a crush on you too.

16. Bret is the pancake master, er, ass master.

17. Everybody loves James!

18. hey is there a mop on your head?

19. kyle, go back to china!!!!

20. who the fucks Garry

21. I am Garry... Dima, silly mortal you have accused everyone of being me except the most obvious person.... GOD

22. I'm not chinese god dammit

23. This message is for Nicole, ever since our two groups have meshed together there have been nothing but problems after problems and senior year SUCKS ASS! Why do you have to butt into peoples business and make everything so dramatic. Stop trying to create problems, and "attempting" to fix them with "Accidental Friendly Dinners" You are the reason why Alex and Kyle are not friends anymore

24. Oh, and I have one more thing to say. The only reason you are doing this is because you want to go to prom with alex and will do anything to make him go with you! Thats messed up, your ruining his friendship with Kyle, Lindsay, and everyone else! So just STOP!

25. I'm afraid i'm with the previous entry, the people in that group suck, trying to make life more difficult, grow up

26. i agree with 24 and 25 and i hope the person who wrote it will take credit because if not, i think i will.

27. James i think your site is great, people seem to take advantage of the positngs too it seems -Derrick

28. do i not make a big enough impression on you during the day! I'm in your journal thing once. Your days have become more interesting. -Derrick

29. Beware the Camry Mafia!

30. to all previous accusations of bret being gay, it is not true. my name is only being used as a cover-up for james innate homosexuality. also kyle really should go back to china. camry mafia will eliminate all.

31. up the ass with the Camry mafia. how do you like that negativity, James?

32. Aren't amy and dmitriy cute?

33. Kyle has red plaid boxers.

34. -kyle's mom

35. james, i'm sorry about all the unpositive things. i love you!

36. your story makes my heart sad, my prostate weak, and my bladder full, ready ot burst -The Cheese Nazi

37. my name is betty you son of a pig - John the Shrubber

38. James your web site is very interesting. I would love to know who wrote 23 and 24. -Lindsay

39. Thats alot of nuts! - Someone with not so many nuts

40. You know James, sometimes you are the coolest guy ever. Other times, you're the sweetest. There is nothing negative about you, James.

41. Poor Derrick had few nuts...

42. Awww, who put that? And I agree. -Kaytee

43. Who is the around the world king james?..huh..who is it...come on james...tell me...tell everyone...who beat you in one turn...HELLO?!...hahahaha -- sign the one turn wonder

44. hmmm, do you know what school is supposed to get easier

45. hmmm, do you know what school is supposed to get easier, i have more homework now than i've had all year.


47. katie likes boobies 48. James is a closet homosexual? What? *scrathes head*