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THE HEWGLEY SURVEILLANCE CASE: Letter to President George H.W. Bush

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Foreword: In 1975 while working at Southwest Research Institute and living in San Antonio, Texas, the author started encountering sporadic physical surveillance at work and on business trips. In early 1976, the author was asked by the CIA to assist them in a task involving a foreign national. (On this date, Gerald R. Ford was President, George H.W. Bush was the Director of the CIA, and Clarence Kelley was the Director of the FBI.) Simultaneous with the initial visit to the author's home by a CIA officer, surveillance on all members of the author's family started. A few years later, when it was clear that the surveillance operation on the author's family was not going to end, the author started sending letters of complaint to high level officials of the federal government. The reprinted letter below, which was sent to President George H.W. Bush on February 20, 1990, was one such letter.

Signed Originally: William Albert Hewgley
August 30, 2000

A. Reprinted Letter to George H.W. Bush

February 20, 1990

Mr. George W. Bush
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

William Albert Hewgley
1512 Shady Lane
Kingston, Tennessee 37763

Dear Mr. President:

The lack of interest and responsiveness on the part of the Department of Justice on our complaint has prompted me to write you about this matter. Enclosed is a copy of our complaint which has been swept under the rug at Justice since last August. Inasmuch as the CIA covert operation described in this complaint was originated during the time you were serving as Director of the CIA, you should have a special interest in seeing that this matter is resolved.

Mr. President, our family has suffered greatly as a result of the illegal government surveillance operation that has been conducted on us. We expect officials in the Justice Department to respect our rights by investigating our allegations. To allow complaints like ours to be sandbagged over and over again not only damages our democracy, but leaves our family devastated.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Very truly yours,

William Albert Hewgley (Signed)

William Albert Hewgley (Typed)

Enclosure: "A Civil Rights Complaint to the Department of Justice", by William Albert Hewgley, August 28, 1989, 57pp. ( Confidential)

B. Letter Mailing Verification

1. This letter was mailed at the Main U.S.P.O. in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on February 20, 1990 under Registered Number R433748126, stamped February 20, 1990. A Return Receipt (PS Form 3811, Mar. 1987) was submitted with the letter.

2. The Return Receipt, which was subsequently received by the sender, had been properly signed and dated.

C. Reply from President George H.W. Bush

No reply was ever received. Since the president is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, the failure of President Bush to investigate my report of illegal activities on the part of the Intelligence Community, which reported directly to him, meant in effect that he violated the Oath of Affirmation he took to "...faithfully execute the..." [laws] "...of the United States...".

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