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Borneo Freedom Riders


The Borneo Freedom Riders are a bunch of fun loving, adventurous and outdoor loving crazies who seriously love cycling (both on road and off road) and our bicycles!  While safe riding and looking out for one another are our main concerns, we do not hesitate to go for the toughest tracks to challenge both the love and spirit for riding and techniques.  We will let some of our photos speak for us on this page which will be constantly updated and more pictures added.

The Borneo Freedom Riders are: Piruz, Hakeem, AhPhing, Patricia, Patrick, Asha, Saleem & son, Juki, Marina, Omar, Amirul, Zamri, Albert, AhSiong, AhChin, AhKuang, Ibrahim, Desmond, Leslie, Robert, and a host of others including the Banana Garage Team (BFR is growing!!!).

Feel free to browse through our humble collection of photos. For more photos on our activities, visit the webmaster's blogsite at

For those who are new to Kuching, Sarawak or those who intend to visit and ride here, we can arrange for weekend rides packages that include transportation, accommodation, meals, off road rides and some sun, sand and sea... do contact us for more details via the email address provided or send us a fax or call us at +6 082 424792

Our email address is:



Bicycle Races Coming Up...
MASJA CRITERIUM & SIOL MTB CHALLENGE (Annual Event) 24-26 August 2007 Venue MASJA & Bukit Siol, Kuching
Feel free to contact me for details/entry forms.

Updated 10 August 2007!


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