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!Welcome to the world of BIKING! !In this page, you will be able to find out the best places for biking in the Aberystwyth area awell as trick tips, pics, bike and video reviews and more!


Probably the best downhill track in Aber is Penglais Woods. You can find the entrance to it at the begining of Penglais hill on the left. One part is the 3 singletrack routes with jumps and hairpin turns. All these finish up at the clearing. The longest downhill route starts at the clearing and ends up at North road, along the way you encounter berms, steps and steep rocky sections on which you will use your suspension to its limits. About half way down the singletrack, on the right hand side, you will find Mcagiss. This is 3 short downhill sections ranging from beginers, advanced and amazing/crazy riders. If you turn off and head towards Constitution hill, you will find a clearing with a gravel slope on which you will have to lock up your rear brakes and cruise down. Short but well worth it.

If your looking for a great day out of downhilling and XC, then Nant Yr Arian is the place to go. It includes many singletrack routes on which you will have to weave in and out of trees, ride down streams, and encouter many bumps on the way where you can pump and get alot of speed.But beware, ths downhills don't come from no where. They are always followed by uphills. Watch out especially for the leg burner hill which takes roughly 40mins pushing up. A camel pack will come in handy, possibly even a sleeping bag! Nant Y Arian is constantly expanding. A 10 mile loop has recently been opened and is sponsored by Summit Cycles, Aberystwyth. The loop boasts long stretches into the hillsides, and the singletrack is among the best around. There's also loads of rugged high-level riding away from the loop itself.


There are quite alot of good trials areas in Aber. One good place is the Castle on the sea front. As you may have guessed there are plenty of rocks for hopping on and off. Its not really a good place for beginners as there aren't many small or easy parts. Also along the sea front, on the prom, are alot of benches which are not bad for practising and a couple of large plant pots(very large) if you are more advanced at bunnyhops. Opposite the prom, next to ambassidors, are a couple of sets of steps which range in size but wont keep you interested for long. Unfotunately benches have now been placed in-front of the steps limiting the possibilities but if you're passing give it ago. Be sure not to stay long because the cops will follow shortly. These are only a couple of places but there are alot more places around Aber because its a town.


Unfortunately, jumping has seem to come to a hault in Aber recently, with our jumps at the Universtity being blocked off or just ruined. The best jump track is now found out of town, with about a 30min drive!! They are the sandramps. At the sandramps you can find table tops, doubles, a rhythym section of four, a huge step down, drop offs and more. This is all good, apart from the small fact of getting there. But, if you're into jumping, don't worry. Me and a group of friends are making plans now to build a new and better track in Aber and I'll bring news on it soon.