"Schlumborg" a medieval wargame town

This page of views is for detail, going first down the north edge of the town section, from west to east; then following around on the riverside (south) edge from east to west

Northwest corner

The Tavern of "the face that sank them" is the featured foreground building, with stable and barn hard by. The departing miller (her brother) dressed in his merchant's garb, is seen leaving the premises. The walled yard and large townhouse to the south of the tavern belongs to him. Beside it are a ruined house and the ubiquitous tent "village" of gypsies and other homeless types. A second, smaller town square is formed by a meeting hall, "L" shaped warehouse and houses. Behind these and the townhouse can be seen the "lower" mill (now no longer the property of the erstwhile miller; though he managed to keep his large townhouse).

Northwest edge

Following along the north edge we see one of the two main inns (with fenced yard and barn/stable). Behind (south) of this is the bishop's church, complete with walled yard. The "tower of the tarn" and the tree-lined shore are hard by the church. The main bridge over the stream is beside the church; a watch tower overlooks the bridge, and west of the watch tower is seen the "lower" mill, with the port citadel behind.

Northeast edge

Common houses and the warehouse and "upper" mill owned by the mayor cum king.

Northeast corner

A guard tower overlooking the secondary bridge over the stream. The "upper" mill is to the extreme right. The east wall of the town is to the left, with the road going off to the left passing through the gate tower.

Southeast corner

The other main inn, walled with stable; a ruined house; the main town square is visible (between the inn, a second church, the town hall and the roof of the mayor/king's townhouse - the large building in the upper left), and some of the gathered citizens can be seen. The barn showing above the trees is one of those used to house/hide the mercenaries.

Southeast edge

More houses. The large "L" shaped building is a warehouse that housed mercenaries for the uprising.

Southwest edge

And more houses. The old wind mills are seldom used; and the one on the left is ruinous. The large compound in the foreground is owned by a prosperous extended family, which includes all four of the buildings.

Southwest corner

A genoese merchant cog is ready to sail. The port citadel is opened to mercantile traffic. The troops of the garrison are on the walls and a company is ready for inspection. (This is just after the Ottoman garrison was destroyed.)