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The Intelligent Donkey

A special joke

It is generally thought that donkeys are exceptionally stupid yet nobody has ever tried to prove this theory right or wrong. Professor Yekond, from nowhere foundation, a very curious and overconfident scientist decided to question this theory through intensive experiments. He was almost sure that donkeys can also learn and make cognitive efforts because they have got skulls. So he designated two donkeys at random from the nearby farm to train them to count and make basic calculations.

Two years later, Dr. Yekond succeeded to make the donkeys rather do some more complicated maths equations... Audacious as he was, he published his astonishing findings in a specialized magazine. Everybody considered him crazy and made a jerk of him and his publications.

Some outstanding scientists, though they never believed in the ability of animals in general and donkeys in particular to think and solve problems the way the human brain does, were skeptical about the matter and decided to pay a visit to Dr. Yekond and see to what extent his researches were serious. When they arrived to the nowhere foundation, Dr. Yekond proudly invited them to check by themselves and test his donkeys on whatever subject they like.

One of the visitors suggested that it would be better to start with easy simple additions. So a scientist asked the donkeys:
- "What is the result of one and one?

The donkeys smiled and one of them turned towards his neighbour and whispered:

-Well, we know the result is two, but tell them it is thirteen so that they know we are donkeys".

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