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General Knowledge Quiz

How many years is a decade?
A) 100 years
B) 50 years
C) 10 years
D) 30 years
What do you call a camel's cry?
A) Bray
B) Grunt
C) Bleat
D) Roar
What's the capital city of Gabon?
A) Brazaville
B) Niame
C) Libreville
D) Kigali
What's the opposite of helpful ??
A) Unhelpful
B) Helpless
C) Hapless
D) Boastful
Who wrote "Adam Bede" ?
A) James Joyce
B) Henry James
C) Thomas Hardy
D) George Eliot
Which of these is the odd one out?
A) Blue
B) Yellow
C) Brown
D) Black
Which month has to do with a leap year?
A) January
B) February
C) March
D) April
Coffee was first discouvered in...
A) Brazil
B) China
C) Cuba
D) Yemen
Which verb is not connected to the eye?
A) Peer
B) Peeve
C) Glance
D) Contemplate
Which planet is the closest to the Earth ?
A) Pluto
B) Mercury
C) Venus
D) Jupeter


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