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Guess With These Riddles

1)Four Fingers and a thumb
Yet flesh & bone have I none!
a) A hand!.
b) A foot!.
c) A glove!
d) A nail!.


3) Once it was green and growing,
Now it is dead and singing.
a) A tree.
b) A violin
c) A grasshopper
d) A forest.


5) As long as I eat, I live,
But when I drink, I die!
a) scorpion
b) wind
c) Cactus
d) Fire


7) What is neither in the house,
Nor out of the house,
But still is part of the house?!
a) Wall
b) Window
c) Roof
d) Ceiling


9) It runs & runs. And never tires
Down & down.And never up!
a) Rain
b) Tiger
c) Stream
d) Gutter
2) Girls have it, boys do not
It is in life, but not in death!
a) The letter (i)
b) Hair
c) Intuition
d) Breath


4) Lives in Winter, dies in Summer
And grows with its roots upwards!
a) Lavender
b) Mint
c) Palms
d) Icicles


6) What is it that no man ever yet see,
Which never was,but always is to be?
a) Career
b) Yesterday
c) Tomorrow
d) Nothing


8) What can you hold in your left hand,
But not in your right hand?
a) Cup of coffee
b) Your right elbow
c) Thorny flower
d) French newspaper


10) You saw me where I never was,
And where I could not be;
And yet within that very place,
My face you often see!
a) Your eyes shut
b) Your reflection in the mirror
c) Your future job
d) Your dog's health report

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