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This Is
Message To The World

On The Margin

Nobody would imagine That a little boy or girl would give advice to those who think they upbring these little creatures. This is not really strange. Those little tots can do it, yet the only thing which stops them is that they don't speak the same "language" as those who plan their future for them.

It is the first beam of revolution against adoption. Those children have never been asked before any project has been set up for them; and they seem to be the first layers of apocalypse when the future generations are doomed to pay for the errors, if not crimes, the grown-ups have committed against them.

Screams like this one are bottled inside many people until they become moving around volcanos ready to spit their anger at any time.

When little tots speak loudly, it means that the leaders' policies have gone bankrupt. Ask those who lived long years and went through different ordeals to meet up with poverty at the end of their lives. Begging and spending their long chilly winter nights under the big edifices of the "Wall Street" and the world bank as well as all those abbreviated institutions such as UN, FAO, GATT to name only a few. Even these places are forbidden to approach if you aren't wealthy, ... and ... etc.

Children of the world don't speak adults language otherwise a lot of misunderstanding wars will be declared. The winners may be the children because their arguments are logically sustained and more human!

        On behalf of all one-year-olds, I'm addressing the grown-ups. I think we are more experienced than you are provided that the outcome of long experience is to be honest, loving, cheerful and virtuous. It is true that we are trouble-makers, destructive-machines, lords of the flies, and all the other insects included. Besides this, we are easily bored with the damn cheap toys you buy us (on credit).We also pressurize you to fulfill our desires through crying and shouting. In brief, we are the sort of unbearable little devils, as you prefer to name us. Yet we love you much; never try to hurt you intentionally. Moreover, we never cheat you, deceive you or declare war on you using Cluster bombs or transcontinental missiles, etc... We are maybe doomed to do some of these things later on because the society you, grown-ups, have constructed and the norms you've established will pull us into the moors of evil, and prepare us to be the society enemy number one. I don't think you are really a good example to follow. You are aggressive, violent and hostile. Your hearts are hyper-stores of hatred, jealousy, deceit, greed and all the other infected feelings and concepts. You have invented laws just to break them for your personal joy. No respect for the noble ideals some of you worked hard on for ages to establish. I admit that there are some exceptions among you, but, in general, you're rotten, fraudulent and dishonest. It is also curiously true that the more you grow older, the more you become like us, as William Shakespeare styles it:

"Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything."

        The awkward thing, however, is that no one prepares himself for that crucial age. All think that the strength of youth or manhood would ever last. As far as we are concerned, we are aware of that at least at the time being because most of us have grandparents. You see what I mean!

        All in all, I hope you will be able to change your attitudes for the better so as to pave the way for us to be Child-hearted forever. We don't like to be your image...Maybe we will change our minds provided that you change your behavior and be simply honest with yourselves and with the others. It is only a question of principle and conviction. When the first step is steered in the right path, in this case things will change steadily. Then it would be a mere matter of TIME; and time, as you know waits for no one. SO be quick and don't waste TIME. We are either projects of gangs born to kill or the contaminated toxic harvest of your upbringing system and… your bloody foolish wars. Beware! The world would never be the place comfortable enough for everybody to live in peace. Don't forget that we will eventually be the outcome of your system. And your system as it is now is forged to bread ogres and maniacs of all psychological defects.

        We don't mean here to blame you. On the contrary we are trying to help you shun your egoistic manners and tackle your future first and then ours through wisdom and will. You are spoiling your future if you persist in upbringing us the way you do. No matter how tiny it is, every act is counted against you and you'll pay for it. The solution thus is to teach us how to love each other by loving us. If you do, be sure that you'll spend the last days of your life in serenity and quietude. Be sure we'll take care and look after you the way you expect. We will never let you down.

        Since our future personalities are based on what you teach us now, Do please teach us the best things in life such as how to work for peace and maintain it, how to stop persecutions and escalations, and how to cast away starvation and need from the world. Teach us how to build schools and hospitals so as not to build jails and graveyards, and how to give so as you'll never need to take. Show us how to elect our leaders among the wise and the most generous, and how to understand politics as bottlenecks to empty it from its negative derisive long futile speeches used to enkindle brainless mobs. Teach us also how to spurn demagogy and useless partial truths… The "HOW?" tool is all that you don't have and you cannot get hold of, fetch it otherwise our world would be far more obscure. Alas! This is just a loud shrill in a deep valley, we would get only its echo. You simply cannot teach us things and manners you don't adopt or believe in. Those are ideals! You even don't have them in your idiot brains even as ideas for public consumption, so, how can we trust you?!
        All in all, there's an alternative solution to the lurch you left us in with your "planifications"! It's better for you, eventually, to learn from us. In this respect, we have a lot to teach you because you have nothing to do in front of the huge flood of ignorance that ravages your brains and our future as well. You need to be up-brought anew, or else our planet will sink in your stupid acts: Pollution, starvation, drug dealing, crimes, bribes, diseases of all sorts and nationalities are planted in the heart of your maneuvers of correcting the macro economy of rich countries on the expense of poor starving pseudo-countries - in a word: "Globalization".
To put it short, You are just …filth… in its *modern* copy.

Good Luck for the near future decay tests. Bye for now!


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