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Hilarious Page

  1. * SLEEPY MAN : (answering the telephone at 3:00 a.m.) Hello ... Hello.
    * CALLER : What number is this ?
    * SLEEPY MAN : Well YOU ought to know - You dialled it!

  2. * SALESMAN : Isn't this a pretty dolly? See - you put it to bed, it closes its eyes and goes right to sleep just like a real baby.
    * LITTLE GIRL : I can see you don't know much about babies!

  3. * CUSTOMER : Part my hair exactly in the middle.
    * BARBER : I'll have to put one out, sir. You have five.

  4. * BALD MAN : Madam, what do you mean by letting your child snatch off my wig?
    * MOTHER : Your wig? Oh, thank goodness! I was afraid that he had scalped you!

  5. * FISHERMAN : The trout I caught was that long! I never saw such a fish!
    * FRIEND : I believe .. your last remark.

  6. * MAN : Now where the hell have I seen you before?
    * BISHOP : I don't know. Which part of Hell are you from ?

  7. * TEACHER : What is the formula of water?
    * PUPIL : H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O.
    * TEACHER : Who told you that?
    * PUPIL : You Sir, You said it is "H to O" (H2O).

  8. * OLD LADY : (to the shopkeeper), Have you got anything for grey hair?
    * SHOPKEEPER : Great respect, Ma'am.

  9. * MOTHER : Get up, you lazy boy! See, the sun is up and you are in bed.
    * BOY : Yes, but the sun goes to bed at six O'clock while I go to bed at seven!

  10. * Father : (to his four-year-old son) What are you going to be when you grow up?
    * SON : (giving him a scornful look) Bigger!

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