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Tough Riddles[1]

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  1. What key is hardest to turn?

  2. What is the left side of a pudding?

  3. What has an eye but cannot see?

  4. What runs but never walks?

  5. What stays where it is when it goes off?

  6. How many sides does a circle have?

  7. How can fish be kept from smelling?

  8. If you throw a gray rock into the sea, what would it become?

  9. What can you hold in your left hand, but not in your right hand?

  10. What question can't be answered by yes?

  11. Why are you tired on April 1st ?

  12. What belongs to you but is used by other people?

  13. What is found in the very center of America and Australia ?

  14. What part of London is in France ?

  15. What gets bigger the more you take from it?

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