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  1. Once there were four brothers: Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Evertbody. One day the car needed washed and Somebody was supposed to do it. Everybody said that Somebody had to do it. Anybody could do it, but in the end Nobody did it !

  2. Did you hear about the cannibal who crossed the Atlantic on a "slow" plane ?
    He told the airhostess to take the menu away and bring him the full list of the passengers !

  3. Once a small bird returned home late one evening and he couldn't reach his nest because it was already dark. So he landed on the first higher thing on the ground to spend the night. The next day he discovered that he'd spent the night on an elephant's neck. so he hurried to the latter's ear and shouted:
    - " I'm sorry I didn't mean to disturb you when I spent the night on your back ?"
    - " Don't care my dear!", replied the elephant " I didn't even know which wrinkle you took for a bed!"

  4. Once there was a couple who had to go someplace by train. The man asked the guard which train was pulling into the station. The guard replied that it was the mail train. So the man returned to his wife and told her,
    - "Dear, this is the male train and I'm taking it. You'll have to wait for the female train to arrive."

  5. LADY : I'll give you dinner if you'll chop up that pile of wood.
    BEGGAR : Let me see the menu first!

  6. BOY : Dad, can I have the car keys ?
    FATHER : Oh! Certainly son..Provided that you don't take the car as well!

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