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It's only a J O K E!

Forget about the false virus now and let's start the "joke" party:
Are you ready?

In the Classroom

Teacher :

"He was a wonderful painter with a single stroke of the brush, he could change a smiling face to a frowning one."
Small boy :
"So can my mother!"

A Jungle Scene

A mother lion woke up to find her cub chasing a hunter around a tree.
"Junior! ", she scolded, " Don't play with your food "

At The Barber's

Customer :
"Part my hair exactly in the middle".
Barber :
"I'll have to put one hair out,sir", replied he, looking closely at him. "You have five!"

In A Public Garden

A Gentleman :
"Madam, what do you mean by letting your child snatch off my wig ? "
The Lady :
" Your wig?! Oh, thank goodness! I was afraid that he had scalped you."

On A River Bank

First Fisherman :
" The trout I caught was that long! I never saw such a fish!"
Second Fisherman :
" I believe your last remark."

In The Woods

Smart :
" look, here's a lion's track"
Smarter :
"Good! You go and see where it went, and I'll go and see where it came from" !!

In The Bush

Kangaroo :
" Where's the baby?"
Mother Kangaroo :
" Good heavens! My pocket's been picked!"

Some Maths

Abdouh :
" Why is 6 afraid of 7 ? "
Badr :
" I don' know. I give up! "
Abdouh :
" Because 7 , 8 , 9 ? "
Badr :
" WHAT ?!!! "
Abdouh :
" I mean ... 7 ate 9 ? "

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