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Students' Forum



Introduction :
It is due to many factors that I decide to, say, build this forum for students to meet and talk about common interests. Who knows?! Maybe one day it will be a National or even international Forum for all students from the four corners of the world. I have complete confidence in our students abilities to turn this dream into concrete reality.

Content :
Guess what these pages could be about! They are a means to different interesting sites where Internet could be exploited in the most decent and fruitful manner. No way to go astray if you drop here with the intention to surf the deep oceans of the web with the minimum of risks...It is also a small lit spot where friends and old classmates can meet. This is an invitation to all those who decide to be a student forever.

This page should be target to permanent changes. All depends on the number of participants and their tests. For the moment I use my own pages as links. I hope I can add new things which I might recieve from participants very soon!

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There are as many links as you wish. Most of these links, if not all, are in tight connection with the school environment. What do students look for but only what is intellectual ... I guess!

Here are some interesting local stories to enjoy

You're introduced to a person you feel you already know.
You can read about Death which is not supposed to die.
When cows give more than 200 littres of milk a day.
You feel bored! Try to follow this advice! It's funny!
Do know enough about the function of "pockets" ?!.

If things go well I think many people will join this Forum!

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