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English For Fun!

is a special school for English as a foreign language. NO formalities and no complications but only the desire to take the risk of accepting the funny challenge. Enjoy.

   Starter       new
   For Beginners Only
   Parts of the body (Face)
   Opposites [1]
   Opposites [2]
   How long / often / far ?
   Irregular Verbs List
   Choose The Correct Word!
   What's The Question?
   What nationality are you?
   Family Members
   Family Tree
   Family Relations
   People !!
   More Links!!
   More Links !!
   Madrasati/school        new
   Madrasati 2010        new

   1ère Bac. Students        new
   High School
   English Practice        new
   Speak, Say or Tell ?
   Quite Difficult!
   Alphabet Riddles
   More Riddles
   Proverb Quiz
   Multiple Choice
   Our Solar System
    65 Proverbs
   Vocabulary Games
   Dog Cat & Horse
   Passive Voice
   Challenging Quiz
   More About Adjectives
   Writing        new
   Exams        new

   2ème Bac. Students        new
   Abdessalami On_Line
   Special Riddles
   More Riddles
   More Links [1]
   Enjoy English
   More Links [2]
   Find Jokes
   More Jokes
   "Bridges" Review
   More Quizzes
   The Passive Voice Site        new
   The Reported Speech        new
   General Review        new
   Home        new

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