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Funny, Very Funny Definitions!

Terminology is a big word which goes from simple explanation of words to the level of incantation. Check these terms and enjoy their definitions

* Definition
is a group of words we attribute to a term so as to make it more ambiguous.

* Man
is a brain user creature whose end may be worse than mere extinction.

is a motorist who has just found a parking place

*The rush hour
is the hour when traffic is at a stand still.

is the strongest man in the world. He can hold up 50 cars with one hand.

*The human brain
is the wonderful thing which starts working the moment you are born, and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.

*Capital letters
are scripts which take larger space on a sheet of paper.

*Your name
is the only private property which you don't seem to pay taxes on!

is the art of complicating simple tasks.

Something people believe in if they have a bright child.

*Rich Person
One who is never afraid to ask a shop keeper to show him something cheaper.

The sure way to get nothing for something.

Something you don't need and cannot do without.

The only world where you are free to travel everywhere without a visa .

The only apparent obstacle that stands between most people and wealth.