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~ Comparatives ~

Pay attention to the spelling and if the adjective used is short or long.   Good luck!
1. Ali's house is _____ than Hamid's.
A) large
B) more larger
C) larger
D) more large
Hamid is _______ in maths than his neighbor.
A) more smart
B) smarter
C) more smarter
D) smart
Safaa is ______ than her sister.
A) intelligent
B) intelligenter
C) more intelligent
D) more intelligenter
Today the teacher is ______ than he was yesterday
A) sadder
B) sad
C) more sad
D) more sadder
Jamal is ______ than his brother.
A) more younger
B) more young
C) young
D) younger
In Morocco July is ______ than june.
A) hoter
B) hotter
C) hot
D) more hot
Iron is ______ than wood.
A) more heavy
B) heavier
C) heavy
D) more heavier
An elephant is ______ than a horse.
A) big
B) biger
C) more big
D) bigger
A snail is ______ than a turtle
A) slow
B) slower
C) more slow
D) more slower
I am good at maths, but I am _______ at physics.
A) good
B) gooder
C) better
D) more good

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