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*Take this Radio Active Quiz!!*

Try this Radio Active Quiz, and see if you're a true Radio Active fan. It's more like a test though.. If you're willing to answer 50 Questions!! Go for it!! If you get more than half right (25), you get a prize to put on you're website. Send your answers to me via e-mail with your first name (or a short nickname), your e-mail address, and your website url. Some of the questions might be hard, but if you're willing to try... Good Luck!!

1. George has a pet, who lives in the Anti-Room. What is his pets' name, and what type of animal is it??
2. What is George's uncle's name, where does he live, and what does he sell where he lives??
3. What is the name of the girl at Upper Redwood High, that practically every guy likes??
4. What is the order that the cast members appear in the opening credits?? (you can write their real names, or character names)
5. What was the name of the girl that went out with Roger, and used him to get into Radio Active??
6. What were the names of the old characters of Radio Active??
7. What's the name of the game that George plays, that involves a jar of peanut butter, and pennies??
8. What was the name of the 2 DvD's that George and Tanya put into the DvD machine, that broke the machine??
9. Which character has the same last name as an animal??
10. What was the object that Morgan had a role to do a commercial for??
11. Who took Morgan's place for the commercial when she quit the commercial??
12. What was the name of the medic, who came to the school for the First Aid class, who Tanya had a crush on??
13. Who told George he could be the school Janitor for a day??
14. Who solved all the math problems, that were set up for George??
15. What comic book character does George sometimes talk about, who is completely Normal??
16. What career did Morgan get from Mr.Noseworthy??
17. What career did Roger get from Mr.Noseworthy??
18. What career did Tanya get from Mr.Noseworthy??
19. What career did Blaire get from Mr.Noseworthy??
20. What career did George get from Mr.Noseworthy??
21. How did George get really smart??
22. How did Blaire and George get really dumb??
23. What would happen if the members of Radio Active didn't keep a good grade average?? (as in, what would happen if they did very poorly in their classes?)
24. Who were the first 2 people to be "Corey" and "Trisha"??
25. Who did Morgan's school work, and filled in for Morgan when she almost had a breakdown??
26. Who got camera shy when Radio Active went TV Active??

27. What were Morgan's 4 rules for life in her daydream??
28. What was Roger selling in his daydream??
29. What was Blaire doing in his daydream??
30. Who was George in Tanya's daydream??
31. What kind of daydream did Tanya have?? (as in, if it was tv, what type of program would it have been?)
32. Who was George in his daydream??
33. Who was Roger in George's daydream??
34. What was George's motto in his daydream??
35. Who was Blaire in George's daydream??
36. What was the name of Upper Redwood's team mascot??
37. Who used to be the team mascot??
38. Who wants to be the new mascot, and why??
39. What mascot costume did that person end up getting?? (what animal was it?)
40. What is George going to do for the school talent show??
41. Who joins George, in the end, in the school talent show??
42. What fan club did Sarah start??
43. What's the song that they sang??
44. How many members does she have in her club??
45. What club is Morgan the founder of??
46. What club is George already in??
47. Who was the director, when Radio Active went TV Active??
48. What was used for good luck, that helped the camera work??
49. What gave the camera a better picture??
50. Who's "special monitor" caught fire when she was watching TV Active??

I know that some of these questions have got to be hard for some people.. But, if it was questions like, "What's the really tall guy's name??", or "how many fingers does Morgan have??", it would be way too easy!! I didn't mean to make the quiz so long, but questions just kept on popping into my head.. To those who try the quiz, I congradulate you.. If you don't get half right, I'll probably be nice anyways, and give you the prize for your site.. as long as you atleast get over 10!!