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Hey!! This is my links page.. On this page, you will find a few places where I found some of my information from, some of my friends' pages, and a few pages that I enjoy.

Where I got some of my information

Radio Active Homepage (Official I think)
YTV Official Website
Radio Active Episode Guides
Radio Active II

A couple of my friends' Websites

Korn Fusion (Nolan's Page)
The Brothers Moffatt (Monica's and Alisha's Page)
Angel In Disguise:a Dave Moffatt Site (Monica's Page)

Some random websites I like, for bands, celebs, whatever, that's NOT Radio Active.

This is where I got one of my pet's below from. Click his pictures to go to his pages (about them....)
This is George_1101

This is my Sum 41 Website

Sum 41 Official Website
Hot 103 (Winnipeg Radio Station)
Snow Online
Much Music
Sean William Scott
Dude Where's My Car?
That 70s Show
Conan O'Brian
Tom Green
Ethan Embry
Hugh Jackman
The Simpsons
The Icredible Story Studio Official Website (click on the pic to eneter)

I think that's about enough right now. There's way too many celeb sites that I like... Sorry people..