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Unofficial Radio Active
Fan Website

I AM SORRY.... I am not on the show, or an affilate of the show... I am just a fan... So i cant get people autographed pictures or whatever... and you can email me your comments about the website if you want, or email me to talk to another fan, but please dont email me, telling me Im hot (lol.. someone emailed me, and thought I was Vic, and said I was soooo hot heehee.... sorry, Im not Vic), or asking if you can have my autograph, because I am sorry to say Im not part of the show, just a big fan.... Sorry if that sounded rude, but I've tried to say it in the nicest way..... thanks...

Hi!! This is the Unofficial Radio Active Fan Website.. OMG!! I am so sorry I havent been able to update.. the Reasons for that being 1.I havent been able to obtain new information 2.My internet never wants to work .. I wish I had more information or pictures but at the present time I do not =( .. But if you like thise site, please refer it to someone who maybe hasnt seen it yet.. All lovers of Radio Active welcome anytime...

Radio Active is a show directed mostly to those of the ages 12-17. It is about a group of young teens who have signed up to be in a Radio group for an extra curricular activity. Morgan Leigh, Roger Richards, Tanya Panda, Blaire Resnickie, and George Goodwin all have their own radio shows on Radio Active. Their teachers Ms.Atoll (who would do anything to make the radio active team miserable), and Mr.Noseworthy always drop by once in a while. Sometimes, Morgan's little sister Sarah Leigh rollerblades into the anti-room with the mailbag.
Radio Active airs on YTV To see what time Radio Active is on in your town, go to, and then click on YTV Guide
That's just a brief summary of the show.. Please feel free to look around this site, and please sign the guestbook before you leave..

I am very sorry I have not been able to update this site at all.... My computer has crashed so many times, and all my information and pictures was lost :( ... when I get time, I will try to remake the site...

*click on a characters name, or their real name to get their bios*
Their character name goes to THAT character's bio, and their real name goes to their REAL bios

George Goodwin-~-Giancarlo Caltabiano
Morgan Leigh-~-Melissa Galianos
Roger Richards-~-Ryan Wilner
Tanya Panda-~-Lucinda (Cindy) Davis
Blaire Resnickie-~-Andrew Walker
Sarah Leigh-~-Vanessa Lengies
Mr.Angus Noseworthy-~-Robert Higden
Ms.Noelle Atoll-~-Susan Glover
Old Cast members-Ethan St.John, and Kevin Calvin

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My condolences to anyone who has lost someone in the tragic terrorist attack on USA.. I myself am Canadian, and I was still horrified to see the destruction.. I was very much affected by this...

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