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1. Fraudcast
Morgan comes up with a plan to help Kevin pass his science test.

2. Quiz Show
Morgan and Kevin compete to see who will represent the school on a TV quiz show.

3. The Gossip
Morgan loses her friends when she starts broadcasting gossip about them.

4. The Evil Empire
Mr. Noseworthy and Miz Atoll exchange jobs at the school.

5. The CD Case
Morgan investigates the mutilation of a CD.

6. Payola Payback
Ethan bribes Kevin to play a song on the radio.

7. The Big Shot
Ethan gets an on-air job at a legitimate radio station.

8. The Great Hypnoto
Ethan's report on the Great Hypnoto gets out of hand when he accidently hypnotizes everyone in the school except Mr. Noseworthy.

9. Love Bets
Kevin bets he can get Morgan to fall for him.

10. The Prima Donna
Morgan threatens to leave Radio Active.

11. Tanya's Psychic Connection
Tanya's just for fun horoscopes convince everyone that she really is a psychic.

12. The Replacement
Kevin finds a way to be in two places at once.

13. The Ticket
Free concert tickets become an object of desire.

14. Boxing Tanya
Morgan is convinced there is a bully in the school when Ethan and George both get suspicious black eyes.

15. Ethan Live
Kevin and Ethan engineer a live, on-the-radio fight between Morgan and Sarah.

16. The Play
Miz Atoll insists that the Radio Active group put on a live radio play.

17. Mr. Moneybags
Ethan believes he has inherited a fortune which turns out to be much smaller than he thought.

18. The Radio Activists
The Radio Active group discover they can get whatever they want from the school authorities by going on strike.

19. The Classy Girl
Kevin breaks a date with Morgan in order to go out with a girl from the exclusive Upper Redwood High.
20. Morgan's Day Off
Morgan is fed up with the uselessness of school and decides to quit.

21. Stalag 16˝
When Miz Atoll suddenly seems to know what is going to happen before it does, the Radio Active group suspects a spy in their midst.

22. The Poet
Kevin gets all the credit for some surprisingly good poetry George has written.

23. The Secret Admirer
To cheer up Morgan, George sends her letters pretending to be a secret admirer.

24. Blackmail
Sarah uses privileged info to blackmail Miz Atoll.

25. The Substitute
Tanya takes over teaching for a week and finds that teaching her friends is more complicated than she imagined.

26. Ethan Without A Cause
Ethan is tired of being a goody-goody and turns into a rebel.


27. The Leader
Blaire tries to become the leader of the Radio Active team.

28. The Invasion
Paranoia spreads through Upper Redwood High when the student body begins to believe they're the victims of paranormal activity.

29. Sock It To Me
Miz Atoll chooses boring speakers for career week, until the radio crew find a way to trick her into finding more interesting speakers.

30. Dr. Tanya
Tanya gets the others to say what's on their minds, but it only leads to anger.

31. The Interception
While fixing a glitch in the station's frequency, George intercepts a shady phone conversation.

32. The Blaire Resnickie Project
Blaire convinces the crew to stay in school overnight to disprove an old Upper Redwood ghost story.

33. Dark Sarah
Feeling ignored, Sarah decides to take on a new "dark" personality which gets Mr. Noseworthy in trouble with the school board.

34. Logic 101
In order to get a date with Morgan, Blaire has to swear off all other women, including the all-girl hockey team.

35. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth
Morgan and Roger make a bet that she can't go an entire day without telling at least one lie.

36. The Big Lie
Morgan pretends to be going out with the coolest guy in school, and before she knows it, she's caught up in an ever-growing chain of lies.

37. The Marathon Broadcast
The gang do an all-night radio show in an attempt to break the world record.

38. The Review
Morgan is upset by a bad review that Roger gave her radio show.

39. Television Active
The kids attempt to upgrade Radio Active from a radio program to a TV program, with bad results.

40. Morgan Unplugged
An impromptu radio performance turns Morgan into a star.

41. The Prince and the Pimple
Morgan can't find a date for an upcoming dance. She ends up asking Roger to go with her.

42. The Junk Food Racket
After the school board institutes a health food only policy, the kids smuggle junk food into the school.

43. Good…Win Hunting
When George accidently solves a difficult scientific problem, the gang begins to believe he's a genius.

44. Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Tanya makes it her secret mission to find an ideal man for Morgan and discovers that the perfect mate is George.

45. Smart and Smarter
Blaire and George will be kicked out of Radio Active unless they improve their study habits. Morgan and Roger become their tutors and soon there's an all out war to see who's smarter.

46. Disk-junky
After Mr. Noseworthy fills in at the station as a favour, the gang can't seem to get rid of him.

47. Fashion Police
The gang feels they've lost their individuality when Upper Redwood enforces a school uniform policy.

48. Morgan and Blaire: Sitting in a Tree…
A teen popularity contest forces Morgan and Blaire to face their true feelings for each other.

49. Miz Atoll Dearest
Sarah's led to believe that she's adopted and that Miz Atoll is her real mother.

50. Daydreams
Daydreaming takes priority over learning in one of Miz Atoll's classes.

51. Return to Sender
52. The Fund Raiser
Sarah tries different ways to raise money for her "98 street sync boys" fan club.


53. The Wrong Man, The Right Rodent
George is wrongly suspected of vandalizing the school; but he is the only one who knows that the identity of the real vandal is Fidel, the hamster.

54. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Station
The gang discovers that Upper Redwood was actually built out of the remains of an old financial institution.

55. Cyrano de Internet
Sarah and Roger each meet someone on-line, only they don't know it is each other.

56. They Call Me Uncle Tibby
George pretends to be his Uncle Tibby so the gang can go to a comic book convention.

57. Lou Ann, The Fan
A new girl at school tries to replace Tanya on RadioActive.

58. Verse Versus Reverse
Blaire tries to go to a girls only poetry reading.

59. Death Of A Nozzle Salesman
Roger has to be de-programmed after he is indoctrinated into a cult-like vacuum cleaner sales organization.

60. Cyber Boy
While casually surfing the net one day, Roger accidentally breaks into the top-secret government defense system.

61. The Model
Blaire is recruited by a major fashion scout to be the next big thing in models.

62. Bully For You
Blaire becomes the victim of a school bully.

63. Rogercus
A mystery DJ by the name of DJ-X takes on the school authorities.

64. Dead Comic's Society
George develops a secret society that uses the wisdom of comic books to help its members seize the day.

65. A Christmas Atoll
Ms Atoll is behaving like Scrooge; the Radioactive gang decide it's time to show her the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

66. Identity Crisis
In an effort to become a more interesting person, Roger decides to model his personality on George's.

67. Bad Aptitude
The results of a student aptitude test come back, and everyone's predicted vocation goes completely against type.

68. Lou Ann's Return
Lou Ann and Roger set up a competing radio station.

69. Paramedic Paramour
Tanya has a crush on a paramedic, but she cries wolf once too often.

70. The Ratings War
Morgan and Blaire compete to have the most popular radio program.

71.The Wendy Gwendolyn Conundrum
Roger convinces Blaire to help him get a date with the most beautiful girl in the school.

72. Meat Versus Potatoes
Blaire bets Morgan that she cannot become a full-fledged granola girl -- giving up all meat and animal byproducts.

73. Eye to Eye, Pupil To Pupil
George and Roger become locked in a staring contest that threatens to disrupt the entire school.

74. Commercial Chaos
Morgan and Tanya's friendship is threatened when Tanya becomes the spokesperson for a controversial product.

75. No Trouble Atoll
Miz Atoll is replaced as moderator of RadioActive.

76. Culture Shock
Morgan and Sarah enter into a fierce rivalry when Upper Redwood joins a foreign exchange student program and offers one lucky classmate the chance to attend school in another country for a semester.

77. Role Reversal
Morgan sees possibilities in having Sarah take care of life for her.

78. For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls
The gang is forced to help Blaire improve his marks at school.