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Ask a question!!!

This is a new page on my website. I have decided to make a question and answer page because alot of people are e-mailing me and asking me a whole bunch of questions about the actors and actresses of Radio Active, that I just don't have the answer to.
The deal is this... If you have a question that is REALLY bugging you about one of the Radio Active cast, and you would like to know the answer to, e-mail me with the question, and I'll foward it to one of the actors... But it might be a while for an answer because they might be busy, so patience is an important thing.
So depending on the amount of questions I recieve, and that are answered, I MIGHT have a new question on this page every month or so. And I will make a page for old questions, so if you want to know what other questions they answered, it will be on there.
So, e-mail me your questions, with your name and age (can be a nickname.... just so we all know who's question WAS answered).. And please put the name of the actor/actress you would like to ask a question to, in the "subject" box... my e-mail address is at the bottom of the page...
The actors and actresses available to ask a question to are:
Cindy Davis
Melissa Galianos
Susan Glover
Ryan Wilner