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Mr. Angus Noseworthy

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He's the vice principal of discipline and science. BUT, he's relaxed, laid back and has no self-discipline. Ms.Atoll, is constantly trying to provoke him into action, but he has his own method for running the school, and being stern is definately not part of it. Mr.Noseworthy really doesn't know what to think of the kids at his school-should he be a friend, a father figure, an authoritarian... he really doesn't have a clue. He doesn't really have much confidence in himself, especially when it comes to being strict, and he gets scared over different things often. He used to be a disc jockey and they called him "Amp Man Angus". He once took over a shift at Radio Active and spent the whole night, and most of the next day, playing his oldies records on the radio.

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