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George Goodwin

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He's a fool with no concept of society and the world. He's unpredictable; saying and doing just about anything. He's a totally weird and wired fourteen year old. George believes that if it's fun, go for it. He also has a strange uncle (Uncle Tibby), who lives in Alaska, and sells snow cones!! With his spikey hair, and strange style in clothing, George Goodwin is always sure to be noticed. George likes rave/techno music. He's a little slow, but he has a cute dumbness to him. He has a pet hamster that looks like a mouse, named Fidell, who has a nice home in the "Anti-Room". His favorite word is CHA, which he uses to substitude for the word DUH, or he uses to say YEAH, or ALL RIGHT!!
George, has a fear of the dark. He once wanted to be a mattress tester, but then gave up that dream to be a janitor. George's dream of being a janitor was short lived because he found it quite hard to remember to move the mop in a circular motion, instead of a back and forth motion. George, is just a sweet and very sensitive guy.

George Pics
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