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Blaire Resnickie

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He's a modern day teenage soldier and wears a hockey helmet and shoulder pads instead of shiny armor. His battlefield victories are on the field and in the arena. He's vain and boastful of his sporting accomplishments, on and off the field. Blaire's a competitive jock that wants to win regardless of the consequences. Blaire believes he was born to lead. He knows the names of every sports star on the planet, the right labels to wear, the latest trends and the coolest attitude. Blaire, is some what a womanizer, but he treats his girls right. He's ego is pretty high, but he will help a friend with any problem (or atleast try to). He's totally to date, and never so five minutes ago. He has also had somewhat of a crush on Morgan Leigh, a fellow member of Radio Active. Blaire is often seen talking about sports or girls.

Blaire Pics
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