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Rune, Zodiac and Initial Pendants

Each pendant costs $7.00 U.S., plus shipping and handling.
For special request orders please contact us

We have the following styles of pendants available:

Rune Pendants: Zodiac Dates Zodiac Pendants:
Good Fortune March 21-April 20 Aries
Love April 21-May 20 Taurus
Prosperity May 21-June 20 Gemini
Fertility June 21-July 21 Cancer
Physical Health July 22-August 21 Leo
Protection August 22-September 21 Virgo
Friendship September 22-October 22 Libra
Passion October 23-November 21 Scorpio
Courage November 22-December 20 Sagittarius
Joy December 21-January 19 Capricorn
Patience January 20-February 18 Aquarius
Intuition February 19-March 20 Pisces
Psychic Communication

We can also carve your initials into a pendant, English alphabet only please.


Aquarius Zodiac Pendant (Shown in Periwinkle Blue and Gold)
Patience Rune Pendant (Shown in Silver and Black)

Please note that, for a rune or zodiac pendant, you must state both a main color as well as a color for the interior of the carving.
We have the following colors available:
(When two colors appear, they will be mixed together)
Please note that all metallic paint colors will cost .25 extra

Black Brown Lemon Custard
Ivory White Red Apple Spice
Dark Orange Light Orange Clover Green
Forest Green Violet Dawn Violet Dawn & White
Lilac Lavender Lavender & White
Lavender & Silver Periwinkle Periwinkle & White
Periwinkle & Silver Periwinkle & Black Periwinkle Blue
Periwinkle Blue & Silver Periwinkle Blue & White Silver Blue
Silver True Blue Pink
Azure Blue Metallic Pearl White Costal Blue
Ultramarine Bluebell Yellow
Prussian Blue Aqua Kings Gold
Metallic Antique Gold Pure Gold Metallic Blue Sapphire
Metallic Blue Topaz Metallic Copper Metallic Peridot
Metallic Plum Metallic Purple Metallic Rose Pearl


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