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2001 Robots


I'm building Sublime3 for whatever event I go to next! This is my first attempt at a "Machined" robot as they say.

Build report 1
Build report 2
Build report 3
Build report 4
Build report 5
Build report 6
Build report 7
Build report 8

mini KNOME3

I always have a small ~12 pound robot in the works. I'm building this one for two local robot SUMO contests I will be competing in. This robot has to be complete in a little over 2 weeks so I will be building it at a VERYY rapid pace, I will keep you guys updated on it.

Build report 1
Build report 2 <--NEW!


UNIBITE is my second heavy weight, He was built in 1.5 weeks to compete in Robot Wars in London. He will be apearing on the upcoming series of Robot Wars that will start airing this august.

Specs page.