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The Common Room
Casual Dining with a touch of Elegance

Where better to find fine dining than in Rhydin's finest Inn?

What restaurant could better serve international, interplanetary and interdemensional tastes than an Inn nestled in the very Nexus of all Space and Time?

Join us in The Common Room, the Spectrum Inn's answer to all your dining wishes.

The menu at the Spectrum Inn is subject to frequent changes, following the experimental nature of our chef. Items listed below may not be available every week.

CONTINENTAL: Assorted fresh fruits, home-baked danishes and sweet-breads, cereal, milk, fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Eggs done to order. All-you-can-eat buffet.
"COUNTRY BOY" BREAKFAST: Two stacks of whole-grain pancakes with butter and syrup, plus scrambled eggs, bacon and country sausage. Served with fresh fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate or tea, and your choice of in-season fruit.
CORNED BEEF HASH: Fresh corned beef hash topped with one farm fresh egg, any style, served with home-fried potatoes and buttered toast with home-made jellies. Served with fresh fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate or tea and your choice of in-season fruits.
GARDEN BENEDICT: : Two poached eggs, spinach and grilled tomatoes served on a fresh-baked muffin and topped with Hollandaise Sauce. Served with fresh fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate or tea and your choice of in-season fruits.

WILD BOAR: Roast wild boar hind stuffed with dates and walnuts and served with Jame's Apple Ginger Chutney from the best of Rhydin's orchards.
EGGPLANT TERRINE: Slices of organically grown eggplant layered with fresh tomato, basil, sweet red onion, and freshly-made mozzarella, served with garlic breadsticks and a garnish of Pickled Eggplant.
GRILLED VEGETABLE TART: Grilled corn, mushrooms, and peppers in a flaky pastry shell with Fresh Corn Beignets and a smoked Tomato Sauce.
VENISON: Medallions of fresh venison lightly sautéed and served with Wild Huckleberries and Zeni Zinfandel Sauce.
PHEASANT: Fresh breast of pheasant stuffed under the skin with leeks, Andouille Sausage, and pistachio nuts. Served with a sauce of madeira and locally-foraged wild mushrooms.
FILLET OF BEEF: Tenderloin of beef rolled in cracked black pepper, roasted and served with a sauce of Whole Grain Mustard and green peppercorns.
RACK OF LAMB: Roast rack of lamb in a crust of Dijon Mustard with roasted garlic and grilled eggplant.