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A totally independent evaluation of octane boosters available in Australia has ranked Nulon
as the number one manufacturer on the market.

The evaluation of 12 different products was carried out by independent analysts Intertek Testing Services (Australia) P/L Petroleum Laboratory. The laboratory is NATA registered and operates the only truly independent "octane engines" in Australia. Repeat Analysis gives results within 0.2RON (Research Octane Number).

The above graph shows the increased octane provided by 13 products when used in unleaded fuel. All products were tested at the manufacturers recommended maximum dosage rates.

Using a powerful octane booster like Nulon Pro Strength can substantially improve the performance and efficiency in all engines requiring a higher octane fuel. By boosting the octane rating of leaded or unleaded fuel, to required levels, high performance engines and engines with knock sensors can obtain an immediate lift in horsepower.

For the owners of high performance vehicles, driving into country areas carrying a bottle of Nulon Pro Strength Octane Booster in the boot will ensure that unleaded fuel can be boosted to above premium unleaded, maintaining performance and economy with no harmful effects.

Another benefit of using legal octane boosters is important for owners of "street drag cars" and high performance vehicles. The illegal practice of using leaded Avgas and race fuel in road cars now carries heavy penalties of up to $125,000 for an individual.
So for an instant power boost for your car reach for Nulon, the strongest octane booster in Australia. It's safe and easy to use in all cars.

Intertek Testing Services (Australia) P/L of, Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207 carried out the independent testing.