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The Sleepaway Camp Experience

Looking for a gun? No, a drill, right? Well, it looks like you've found neither. What you have found, though, is my Sleepaway Camp web page. Grab yourself a Coke (not Tawny Richards' version of Coke from SC 3), get some french fries (remember, Angela's a "nut" when it comes to fries!), and settle in to your bunk. I would like to dedicate this page not only to all the Sleepaway Camp fans from everywhere around the world, but to a very special person who has encouraged me from the very start. Without her help, this site would not exist. Her name is Carrie, and she is the webmaster of "Sleepaway Camp 1983". Thanks, Carrie. You were right...I guess I really do have a passion for the SC series!


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