Sepultura and Soulfly Glossary

Alpha Jerk- Derrick's former band

Ankla- Ratta and Marcello of Soulfly's side project with Puya guitarist Ramon Ortiz and Punch frontman Ikaro.

Apocalyptica- String Quartet from Finland. Cover Refuse/Resist and Inquisition Symphony on their Inquisition Symphony record. Most recently played on the Nation song Valatio.

Araya, Tom- Singer of Slayer. Sings and co-wrote Soulfly's Terrorist.

Avenell, Grady- Singer of Will Haven. Sang on Soulfly's Pain.

Bandeira, Jackson- Temporary Soulfly Guitar player that played on Soulfly's debut album.

Bell, Burton- Singer of Fear Factory. Sang on Soulfly's Eye For an Eye.

Biafra, Jello- Singer of Dead Kennedys. Wrote Biotech is Godzilla(Chaos AD). Sings on Politricks(Nation).

Brown, Carlinhos- Member of Timbalada. Sang on Sepultura song Rattamahatta.

Cavalera, Gloria- Wife of Max and former manager of Sepultura. Many people, including me, blame her for Sepultura's breakup in 1996.

Cavalera, Igor- Drummer of Sepultura. Brother of Max.

Cavalera, Max- Former lead singer/guitar player of Sepultura, left in 1996. Brother of Igor Cavalera. Formed Soufly in 1997.

Cavalera, Ritchie D-Low's brother, step-son of Max. Sings on Soulfly song Tree of Pain and the live version of Bleed from the Soulfly Digipak.

Cazares, Dino- Plump guitar player for Fear Factory. Played on Soulfly's Eye for an Eye.

Chico Science- Jackson Bandeira's band.

Cut-Throat Logic- Rap band that sings and co-wrote Soulfly's In Memory of....

Davis, John- Singer for Korn. Sang on Look Away(Roots).

Demon Night- Tales from the Crypt horror movie featuring Sepultura's Policia on the soundtrack.

Deftones- Max sang on their song Head Up off of the Adrenaline album.

Dias, Marcello- Bass Player for Soulfly. Former light man for Sepultura.

Doling, Mikey- Current guitar player for Soulfly. Formerly of Snot

Durst, Fred- Talentless joke that sings on the Soulfly song Bleed

Eminence- Jairo T. currently plays in this band.

FAUST- Comic-based horror movie. Sepultura's Choke and Old Earth, Nailbomb's For Fuck's Sake and Soulfly's Bleed are on the soundtrack.

Guedz, Jairo- (Jairo T.) Former guitar player for Sepultura, up until Schizophrenia. Replaced by Andreas. Now plays in Eminence.

Green, Derrick- Current lead singer of Sepultura. Replaced Max.

Jasta, Jamey- Singer of Hatebreed. Sings on Sepultura's Human Cause.

Kaiowas Tribe- A tribe in South America that comitted mass-suicide to protest the government. Chaos A.D. song Kaiowas is a tribute to them.

Kisser, Andreas- Guitar Player for Sepultura. Joined in 1987, shortly before Schizophrenia.

Kodo- Japanese percussion group that plays on Sepultura song, Kamaitachi.

K-RAB- Former singer of Cut-Throat Logic. Killed himself. Songs In Memory of... and Fly High are dedicated to him.

Lamounier, Wagner- Original singer of Sepultura. Quit in 1984 or so. Formed a rival metal band in Brazil. Soulfly Song Bumbklaatt is written about him.

Lennon, Sean- John Lennon's son. Co-wrote Son Song with Max, on Soulfly's Primitive.

Machine Head- Logan's old band.

Machado, Christian- Singer of Ill Nino. Sings on Soulfly's One

Mader, Logan- Former guitar player for Soulfly. Replaced Jackson Bandeira , got replaced by Mikey Doling. Formerly of Machine Head. Currently in Medication.

Mayorga, Roy- Former Soulfly drummer that left in 1999 and made a return late 2001. Formerly of Mediaction.

Medication- Band consisting of Logan Madder and Ratta.

Mist, The- Marcello's old band.

Moreno, Chino- Singer of Deftones. Sings on Soulfly's First Commandment and Pain.

Mortal Kombat- soundtrack to movie. Features Sepultura's Chaos B.C..

Nação Zumbi- Jackson Bandeira's current band.

Nailbomb- Max Cavalera's side project with his step daughters husband, Alex Newport. Put out an album(Point Blank) and a live CD of the album(Proud to Commit Commmercial Suicide). Igor, Andreas and Dino Cazares all played on Point Blank.

Nausea- Ratta's former band.

Newport, Alex- Step-son, in-law of Max Cavalera. Is the other half of Max's project, Nailbomb.

Newstead, Jason- former Metallica bass player. Played on Sepultura's Hatred Aside.

Nunez, Joe- Drummer that left Soulfly in October 2001. Formerly of Fleshold. Now in Chicago hardcore act Stripping the Pistol.

Outface- Derrick Green's band before Sepultura.

Overfiend- Derrick's former band.

Ozzfest- Annual metal festival. Sepultura played on it in 1996. Soulfly played on it in 1998 as well as 2000.

Patton, Mike- Singer for Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk and Fantomas. Sings on Look Away(Roots), Mine(Blood Rooted) and The Waste(Tribus E.P.).

Pinto, Paulo Jr.- Bass Player for Sepultura. Collector of Porn.

Quarteto Da Pinga- Andreas' side project from the ninties.

Rabouin, Asha- Sings on Soulfly's Fly High and Tree of Pain. Sister of a Cut-Throat Logic Singer.

Roadrunner Records- Record label that carries Soulfly and Sepultura. Sepultura left the label in July 2001.

Robinson, Ross- Produced Roots and Soulfly.

Sexoturica- Side project of Jason Newstead and Andreas Kisser.

Skullsick Nation- Ratta produced them a three song demo.

Snot- Mikey's old band. Group ended when singer(Lynn Strait) died in car crash.

Strait, Lynn- Dead singer of Snot. Max sang on the song Catch a Spirit on his memorial album Strait Up

Strangeland- Movie that features Soulfly's Eye for an Eye on the soundtrack.

Stripping the Pistol- Joe Nunez's current band.

Tattoo The Earth- Festival that debuted in 2000. Sepultura played at its first year.

Taylor, Corey- Singer of Slipknot. Sings and co-wrote lyrics on Jumpdafuckup.

Thorn- Ratta's old band.

Two Hit Creeper- Ratta produced and played drums on their demo.

Valentine- Teen horror-flick that features Soulfly's Son Song on the soundtrack.

Wells, Dana- (D-LOW) Max's stepson. Died in a gang related car accident in 1996. Songs like Bleed, First Commandment, Pain, Tree of Pain and Head Up are all about him. Wrote the lyrics to Attitude.

Xavantes Tribe- Group of aboriginals in Brasil that Sepultura recorded parts of Roots with.